The Holy Synod of bishops approved the prayer of the petition to preserve the unity of Orthodoxy


The Holy Synod at its extraordinary meeting held on 14 September 2018, at the Patriarchal and Synodal residence in the Danilov monastery in Moscow, adopted a decision (No. 70) in all the churches of the Russian Orthodox Church at every divine Liturgy to include in purely Ektenia the following petitions:

  • Pray the Lord and Savior hedgehog sohraniti unity and Orthodoxy of the Orthodox Church all over the world staying and taravati her peace and BizMedia, love and harmony, RAM thee, o Lord, hear and have mercy.
  • Again we pray for the hedgehog with favor and grace in the Holy Orthodox Church and sohraniti th from divisions and schisms, strife and discord, but will not shrink and will not shake the unity of her, but Yes is famous for it Trisagion Your name, RAM thee, o Lord, hear and have mercy.

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