The hopeless message of the world: Max lucado has written a book about the power of hope

An increasing number of people think that the world becomes a hopeless place. That’s why pastor and author Max lucado has written his new book about the power of hope. He believes that the world needs to hear now more than ever.

A well-known author Max lucado has written so many books that it is difficult to name them all from memory. His latest book is “Steadfast hope.”

MHN: Why have you decided to devote his fortieth book of hope?

Max lucado, author of “Steadfast hope”:

In this case, the reason was two things. The first is the feeling of despair in the people of our congregation. People face one challenge after another, one problem after another. In fact, they ask: “is This ever going to stop?” And at the same time, I came across statistics that said that the suicide rate in the United States increased by 24% compared to 1999. It hit me. If the number of cases of some disease has increased by 24%, we’d call it an epidemic.

MHN: You have written that God cannot break his promises.

Promises are valuable only if God is faithful. Yes? Every time the Scripture says God said something, it happens. We see this in the history of creation: “And God said” — “And God said” — “And God said”. And created and created and created. When God says something, it happens. He can’t lie. So the Bible says.

MHN: You, as a pastor, said that you tend to write about what is on the heart, and about what is happening in your congregation and community. I wonder why now we often see that many people experience anxiety? What causes increased anxiety all over the world?

It seems to me that we see the fruit of secular society. When we educate a generation of people who say that life is only what you see, hear or touch that there is a higher power that there is a good God, who watches over the Affairs of men – when we remove all this, that in society there is a sense of hopelessness. If the limits of what I can create, there is no hope, if outside of the fact that I can curb, no power, I have no solution that I could offer. We look around and say that all this is not very good, and decide to end it faster. I don’t want to oversimplify the question of suicide. I know it’s a very difficult question. I don’t want to say that I have a solution that will help everyone in one step. But if a whole generation doesn’t want to believe in God if it turns away from God, it is logical that soon awaits him the fruit. And secularism sucking the hope out of society.

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