The icon of the Mother of God quick to hearken: history, miracles and prayers


Maracana a memorable event. Comes a soldier’s mother in the temple and said, “Son disappeared in Chechnya, for what to pray – for health or for the peace?” “Of course, for health” – advised her Abbot Cyril. Served ardent prayer for the servant of God. Left the woman home. However, after a few days of the Commissariat, the news came: the son died. And then a miracle happened. The icon of the Mother of God quick to hearken, an ancient wonderworking icon, is located on Mount Athos, in the monastery of Dohar.

The icon of the Mother of God quick to hearken: the emergence of

Monastic tradition the time of writing the tenth century, to the time of life of the Abbot of the monastery of Saint Neophytos. In 1664 tropezar Neal, walking at night in the dining hall with a lighted torch, heard from the image of the virgin, hanging over the door, a voice calling him to continue here not to walk and smoke icon. The monk thought it was a joke any brother, ignored the sign and continued to walk to the dining hall with a smoky torch. Suddenly he was blind.

In bitter remorse Neal prayed before the icon of the Mother of God, begging for forgiveness. And again he heard the wonderful voice, telling about forgiveness and the return of vision and commands to declare all the brethren: “From that time on will be referred to and this icon of My Quick because the ambulance all attracted to it, I will have mercy, and execution of petitions”.

The blessed virgin fulfilled and is now fulfilling His promise is more a help and comfort to all with faith to Her flowing.

Russia has always enjoyed a great love and reverence a list with the miraculous icon of Athos “quick to hearken”. Many of them became famous for miracles. Especially there have been cases of healing from epilepsy illness and lunacy.

In 1938, the Athos monastery of Dochiar brought the gift of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem the miracle-working icon of the Mother of God “quick to hearken”.


The miraculous icon of the Mother of God “quick to hearken”

The miraculous icon of the Mother of God “quick to hearken” is one of the most beloved and respected icons in the ancient city of Murom. Brought in the last century in Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery from the Holy mount Athos. People loved for their speedy obedience: the performance of applications, helps in cases of exemption from trouble, healing.

Others will say that it does not happen. But every time I come to Moore, I am convinced that the miracle was a real phenomenon. It’s going on here obviously and surprisingly soon. Especially in the monastery.

History of the icon is. Written and consecrated in the past century on mount Athos in the Russian monastery of the Holy great Martyr and healer Panteleimon. Showed many miracles and the healings. And extremely quickly, in what was called “quick to hearken”.

She twice contributed to the restoration of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery. At the end of the last century and at the end of this. First time in 1878. Then the monastery was completely ruined. To sink him in the Summer, but the monks from the mountain Athos had heard about the troubles his brothers and sent to Murom wonder-working icon “quick to hearken”. She in a few years, contributed to the restoration of the monastery.

For the second time in 1995. Then the monastery had just left the military unit, leaving barracks, a military parade ground and churches without domes used for storage. A year a few monks led by their Abbot Kirill prayed in poverty and misery in parganna the temple.

After a year they were returned to the miraculous icon “quick to hearken”. And for four years in the eyes of the parishioners restored the Savior Cathedral, followed by rises from obscurity Basil. And now rises the beautiful bell tower. Fortified ancient walls. All this costs money. Where did they come from? The monks explain: “quick to hearken” helps.

Coincidentally, with the appearance of the icon appeared on the territory of the monastery skillful business man – Vladimir S., who, until the monks serve the Lord by establishing the monastic life. Built a mini-bakery, flour production. Opened a store. Man he is a believer. And chudozestvennoj “quick to hearken” was convinced once again, when he flew to Turkey for the milling equipment. The plane then hit a thunderstorm. One of lightning hit the fuselage. Not survive anyone if… prayed the servant of God Vladimir S. “Quick to hearken”.

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Now in the monastery through the efforts of the “quick to hearken” of things going well. Near her face always has a lot of flowers from the congregation. People talk about her as alive.

Maracana memorable recent case. Comes a soldier’s mother in the temple and said, “Son disappeared in Chechnya, for what to pray – for health or for the peace?” “Of course, for health” – advised her Abbot Cyril (Abbot Cyril (Epifanov) in 2011, died in a car accident approx.ed). Served ardent prayer for the servant of God. Left the woman home. However, after a few days of the Commissariat, the news came: the son died. Sent a zinc coffin. They dug a grave, and then the son returns unharmed from the Chechen captivity. This miracle shocked Moore. Passed urban rumor from mouth to mouth. The grave dug, and his son took him to the Savior.

Do not count how many were healed! Here’s the most recent case a woman was brought to the Church by the hand – she could not go. Suffered from severe rheumatic disease. The priests taught her miserable, and her family, as a note to file, what prayers to read. During the service the woman sprinkled Holy water, anointed with the miraculous oil from the lamp that hangs before the “Quick to hearken”.

In sharbino condition beyond their modest forces defended the aching woman service that is supported on both sides of the family. And here the service is ended. The patient is raised to the icon of the enlightened person… and refused to help myself. She came to the “Quick to hearken”. He kissed her. Relatives and hurting the people who saw it, speechless with surprise.

Every day his favorite icon are simple parishioners, sometimes very poor people, modest gifts and flowers… And everyone she does not refuse, and soon obedient helps.

Murom Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery was restored in 2000-2009 Photos: Vyacheslav bine

Recently appeared in the monastery two teenagers, thrown, incidentally, very rich parents. Both addicts, in the past, car thieves. I would not have believed, but she saw those boys, talking to them. Openly told them about his nefarious deeds… that they are even the parents refused. And here a new phenomenon: unmanaged in the past to the young men now stayed in the convent. I perform a variety of work – hauling water, clean the area. Go cows, sheep. Read the Holy book. Even in absentia, is going to finish school. Where is the miracle? Monks have one explanation: “quick to hearken” heard their prayers for the youths.

Now spiritual and economic works of the monastery delight of the congregation. Citizens in a hurry in the monastery shop for the most delicious and relatively cheap bread. Blessed.

Bright and beautiful face “quick to hearken”. The Savior hears our prayers. And helps everyone.

Source: Women’s health, 2000.

Prayer before the icon of the Mother of God quick to hearken

Most blessed lady, ever-virgin mother of God, God the Word, so every word in the birth to our salvation, and His grace abundantly beyond all prionsa, the inexhaustible sea of Divine gifts and miracles awlasa pinoteca the river, pouring the goodness of all that with faith have recourse to Thee! Your miraculous image propedeuse, we pray Thee, Merciful Lord sexetra of Mother: surprise us prerogative mercy is Yours, and our petitions, we bring You Quick, izpolnite well mixed, the whole ordeal for the benefit, comfort and salvation hemoglo ustrojowe. Visit, Preblagaya, the slaves Thy grace, and thou shalt me, o Newhouse selbu and perfect health, overwhelmed by the silence, captivated the freedom, and various images of straduit utesi. Deliver, the all-Merciful Lady, every city and country from famine, plagues, coward, flood, fire, sword, and other execution vremennye and eternal, Obscene Your boldness the wrath of God from us atradusi: takozhde and mental relaxation, obolevanja passions and sins liberty Your slaves, like Yes narodnostne in godliness poise in this region, and in the future will sodomise the eternal blessings, through the grace and love for mankind of Thy Son and God, the Same befits all glory, honor and worship, with His Beginningless father and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

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