The icon of the Mother of God “Tenderness” of the Pskov-caves monastery will arrive in the arena at the exhibition “Treasures of museums of Russia”


4 through November 25 in the framework of the XVII Church and society exhibition-forum “Orthodox Russia ― Day of national unity” in the Central exhibition hall Manege will be presented for veneration to the believers a well-known image of the virgin “Tenderness”. The icon, dated to the beginning of the XVI century, becomes the Central and most ancient work on display-the continuation of the cycle “Russia-My story”.

One of the revered and famous images of the Pskov land, stored Svyato-Uspensky Pskovo-Pechersky monastery is the miraculous icon of the virgin “Tenderness”, which on 3 November will take its place on a special lectern that adorn the entrance to the first of 9 exhibition halls of the exhibition “Treasures of museums of Russia”.

For all comers will be organized user-friendly approach to the icon, as well as the opportunity to meet with the other images imported from regional collections not usually available to Metropolitan audiences.

Pskovo-Pechersk icon of the Mother of God “Tenderness” was, according to legend, written in 1521 by hieromonk Arseny Vladimir icon of the mother of God. She was born in the Pskov-Pechersk monastery merchants Vasilii and Fedor during the monastery of the monk Kornilii of Pskovo-Pechersk (XVI century) and became famous as a healer of the blind and Intercessor of the North-Western borders of Russia. During the Livonian war the troops of Stefan Batory five months besieged the fortress of Pskov and thirty times tried in vain to take the Kremlin by storm.

When Tsar Theodore Ioannovich it is decorated with pearls and stones — diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts in memory of the miraculous deliverance of Pskov from the heavy siege of 1581.

In 1812 during the invasion of Russia Napoleon occupied Polotsk, the threat again looms over the Pskov. 7 October in the old style was the procession with the icon, and on the same day, Russian troops recaptured Polotsk. In memory of this event in the Pskov-Pechersk monastery was built a new temple in honor of the Holy Archangel Michael and the miraculous image was placed in the right choir.

In Moscow, the icon will be the blessing of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill, who will stay on exhibition until 25 November, and then return to Pskov.

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