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  • Icon unexpected Joy: the history of
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The icon of unexpected Joy is a miraculous icon depicting the mother of God. She is particularly revered in the Russian Orthodox Church. Read more in the article!

Icon unexpected Joy: the history of

Without sorrows we cannot live in any way, but the joy of experiencing. And if in sorrows, casting the most urgent business, to go to the temple to beg, to beg, in order they passed us and this bitter Cup, in joy and thoughts do not hold to rush in the same way – thank you.

In Moscow, near metro Kropotkinskaya, there is a temple of Elijah the prophet. Many Muscovites still call it Ordinary. The Church Of Elijah The Ordinary. Why? Yes, now the word “ordinary” in relation to the temple, we are surprised, we have firmly invested in his own far away from the spiritual value sense. As our ancestors well knew that such an ordinary temple. This temple built in one day. Yes, Yes, gathered the whole world still dark, quickly distributed, who, where, and – built. Brick by brick, stone by stone, plank. And in the evening – God bless you in Your new home!

Here is the temple of Elijah the prophet is also common. And the street on which stands the temple, also called Ordinary. In 1592, this place was one day given a wooden temple. And then, in a hundred years, the stone. The Lord saved the Church of Elijah the Ordinary from the Bolshevik razor, it would not close. “Minor hooliganism” said it: dropped in 1933 bells. On and cost. The temple became home to the shrines of those churches which have fallen under the hot hand, bad head and empty the heart of the builders of a new life. In this way and found in the temple of Ilii Ordinary miracle-working icon, “unexpected Joy”. First she was placed in the Kremlin in the small Church of St Constantine and Helena, then, after its destruction, he moved to Sokolniki, to the Church of the Resurrection, and since 1944 – here, in the Ordinary lane.

The icon “unexpected Joy” very much. To her bring flowers, to go to it to worship, even those who is in Moscow on his way. Unexpected Joy… it Seems to be all clear, and there seems to be some ambiguity. And the story of this icon is. Lived a sinner, filthy things multiply her days, but despite this, always prayed before the icon of the Mother of God. Once again gathered on sin and once again came to the icon. “Hail, full of grace…” and only managed to utter the words of the Archangel Gabriel. And stopped, shocked by what he saw. Suddenly the infant Who was held by virgin Mary, hands, feet and side, open sores, very real, began to bleed. Not remembering itself from terror, the sinner fell down and cried:

–Who did it!

And heard the terrible words of the virgin:

You. You, sinners who crucify My son, you insult Me with wicked deeds, and then still dare to call Me Merciful.

Bitter tears began to pour the sinner.

–Have mercy on me, – asked the mother of God, forgive, ask thou of me Son.

Mary immediately said a prayer: “Forgive all his works, as much as codea”. Only silent eternal Son and the wicked in terror rushed before the icon:

–Have mercy, ask thou!


The Icon Of Unexpected Joy

Finally, he heard the words of forgiveness. And heard when was quite desperate, mindful of the gravity of their sins. But God’s mercy is boundless. Rushed to the icon of the forgiven sinner, began to kiss the bloody wounds of the crucified our sins, the Savior. Not looked for, did not hope already… And here it is, the unexpected joy, visited him almost trembling heart. Since then, they say, was to live a godly life.

This story was the reason for the writing of the icon “unexpected Joy.” It depicts a kneeling man. He stretches out his hands to the icon where the mother of God holding Her Son’s lap. Underneath the face, usually placed the first words describing this story: “a wicked Man…”

Man, some wicked… it is not about us? I think all of us, straining memory, and not straining, I can remember how not once, not twice, but many times I sinned in both large and small, while constantly justifying himself, finding the most convincing arguments, there is no other way… of Course, in the depths of the soul, the most secret, we always correctly understand what is what. But the fact that we understand ourselves, is it necessary to declare to others? We don’t know what a sin was gone the man had approached the icon for a blessing. For us it’s not so important, their own sins are more harsh and unforgivable. But we don’t always mind this, we think we know better what is good for us, what is best for us, and ask them not to reason on the good, and give, give… Remember the words of one Moscow pastor in a sermon:

– We do not ask, we demand. Lord, my will be done. Mine, not Yours, because I know better what I need.

Apparently, the sin, especially the sin of the unconscious, which for us is almost a virtue, and is able to hurt to the blood of Christ the Body. Because that “person a kind of lawless” also came to the icon to be blessed in sin. One distraught woman lamented to me recently… God:

–If you only knew how I prayed! Wiped his knees in the bows, everyone was asking: let not, o Lord, of the marriage of my son, not that he needs a wife, they will not live, a gut feeling. And he won’t listen. As they prayed! On the eve of the wedding already, they vodka to the table purchase, and I pray. Well, what’s the point? Signed…

“My will be done…” is a Classic case where life without a doubt is perceived by us as normal, proper, healthy. There is no doubt that I know better what kind of woman my son needs what profession my daughter, what brand of machine in-law. And we pray: strengthen, o Lord, my irrefutable arguments, tell all of them that I’m right. But the Lord is in no hurry. Waiting. Waiting, when, finally, doubt we in his far-fetched, adverse right, when all of a sudden see the light our hearts. Then give the person an unexpected joy. Did not expect, did not know, but blessed!

“Unexpected joy” icon, calling us to work. The spiritual work, prayer. The results of the work will be, Oh, not immediately. Us pan and pan. Not for nothing that prayer is called heroism. “Work and pray,” taught the ancient ascetics. Always work hard and always pray. And we at least once, and if not, then “what’s the point?”

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Theotokos Unexpected Joy

But the icon called “unexpected Joy.” And once unexpected, so unexpected, unexpectedly, like snow on the head, as the gold ruble on the road as a gift. Yes, the joys of unintentional, unexpected, adorn our lives. Sometimes, from a lingering, depression plagued us able to get even an unexpected call a good man.

–I want to see you, say good man, – so I need you to meet.

And – wonders! The tediousness of our (not so, everything is not commercials) will be instantly trampled a healthy desire to push back the curtains, go to the mirror… unexpected joy with a light step walked through a heavy shower, so small, so unexpected joy…

How important it is to cultivate commitment towards such joy. It is in thanksgiving. Don’t forget to say “thank you”. After all, receiving a gift, even the most rude of us though softly burknet “thank you.” And the joy of an unexpected gift spiritual. Thanks for it in prayer. “I don’t know any prayers, does not know how to pray, come to the icon and think, then what to do? Well, crossed himself, and then what? ” The newspaper often receives such letters, and there is nothing surprising. We know English because finished foreign language courses, we know how to drive a car because he passed exams for a driver’s license, we know how to knit, because our mother taught us, and the pies bake my Granny’s recipe. And pray nobody taught us. We mostly self-taught, at worst ignorant. But, first, it is never too late to learn. Secondly, does the Lord need our long-winded speeches? “Thank You, Lord!” – the short in the light of prayer. That is already learned. Spoken with a repentant heart, it will come to that “on purpose” than proceratiinae without feeling full prayers from the prayer book. But there is a special prayer the icon “unexpected Joy” – the akathist.

Teach the akathist before the “Unexpected Joy”?

The akathist is a Greek word and translates it as the hymn sung while standing. Standing before the icon. Each holiday, each Saint of the Russian Orthodox Church, each icon folded his akathist. This is a special poetry. Let’s uncover the akathist to the most Holy Theotokos “for the sake of the miraculous image of Her Unexpected Joy”. Here are just a few akafistnaya lines: “rejoice, joy to the world gave birth to. Hail, thou flame of our passions pasaati. Rejoice, for the temporary benefits. Rejoice, unexpected joy of a faithful Giver”. The akathist can be read and home. There are moments when given to us unexpected joy in such a light will flood the soul, that from the abundance of the heart begin to glagolit our lips. Here is the time to stand in front of the image and read the akathist.

If we look at our lives closely, we will find in it much to the unexpected joy. My son passed the physics “four” and you thought three – the good, – unexpected joy. Week it was raining and today the sun in the whole sky – unexpected joy. You picked up the tiny puppy who soon became your friend, her husband suddenly got two (you and him) free permits in sanatorium, but you never know… Life is woven of small pleasures, half of them unintentional, many reasons for thanksgiving. Another thing we do not have the skill. Begging, pleading, crying in front of the icon we know, the itch, at once learn, but thanks… Let us learn to thank. And to teach children. After all, children this science is so necessary in life. Ungrateful people, forgetting to thank the neighbor for mercy to him, the more you will forget about the highest praise. A relapse of his bad memory will be his inability to joy the heart. And the inability to joy the heart will cause a bleak, obojeni to the framework of earthly existence of life. There’s a chain reaction, because that’s what a strong bond.

The icon “unexpected Joy” teaches us to appreciate life. In the face of the blessed virgin Mary, each of us pitiful, sinful, and lost. And don’t be ashamed of this as a great shame. We need to recognize this and rejoice in accidentally that passed that now before you is wide open space and unlimited possibilities. Remember, in the akathist? “Rejoice, unexpected joy of a faithful Giver”. Not those long marathon from sin to sin suddenly makes a zigzag in the direction of the icon, in case it hardens before her in a momentary pause. Loyal to those who showed their loyalty and deed, and word, and hatred of sin, and prayer. Help us “unexpected joy” to come nearer to true. Give us strength and understanding.

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Akathist to the most Holy Theotokos before her icon called “unexpected joy”

Kontakion 1
Chosen from all branches of the Mother of God and Queen, who appeared sometimes to man, pizzacono, in the hedgehog, odvratiti him from the path of wickedness, thanksgiving, singing bring Ti, the mother of God; Thou, thou haves mercy unspeakable, from all of us the ills and sins of the freedom, Yes, call Ti: Rejoice, unexpected joy of a faithful giver.
Ikos 1
The angels and righteous souls udivishsya, when thou hast appeared unto Thy Son and God, and many supplications sought thou about cheloveche, ever, in gresen stay; we, ochima faith shred Your blahotova trade, with compunction cry to thee the information centre: Rejoice, the prayers of all Christians priemlemaya; rejoice, and the most desperate sinners prayer is not rejected. Rejoice, for Thy Son on them predstatelstvom; rejoice, unexpected joy of salvation they feed. Rejoice, by Thy intercession saves the whole world; rejoice, all our sadness satisfying. Rejoice, Mother of all God, angry souls consolation; rejoice, life of our good ustrojowej. Rejoice, deliverance from the sins of the whole person brought; rejoice, joy to the world gave birth to. Rejoice, unexpected joy of a faithful giver.
Kontakion 2
Seeing the Holy man, but and lawless, but every day with faith and hope before Her an honest icon Dale powerhouses and Arkhangelsk generating greeting Her, he announced, and any sinner’s glorification., Yes, all, the ripening of Her Obscene mercy, in Heaven and on earth cry out to God: Allelua.
Ikos 2
The mind of man truly surpasses Your love for family Christian, and then thou ceases not, thou by Thy petition about cheloveche the wicked, thou, Thy Son show You ulcers gvozdini, the sins of men He sdelannye. Trade Thee relentlessly shred Predstatelnoy for us sinners, with tears we cry to thee: Rejoice, fervent intercessor for the Christian kind of God we have; rejoice, our Guide to the Heavenly Fatherland we are erecting. Rejoice, faithful fencing and shelter; rejoice, help of all calling on Your Holy Name. Rejoice, all despised and rejected from ROVA ishimaya of perdition; rejoice, those on the path of right turning. Rejoice, unceasing discouragement and the darkness of the evicted soul; rejoice, izbivshim from an illness of the mind new and better sense of giving. Rejoice, by the doctors on Its hands priemlemaya awaits alike the inevitable hour. Rejoice, unexpected joy of a faithful giver.
Kontakion 3
The power of grace was Presanella tamo, idezhe amneisa sin; Yes, rejoice in Heaven, all the angels on Eminem the repentant sinner. Singing before the Throne of God: Allelua.
Ikos 3
Haves to the genus Christian Materne mercy, all faith and hope of recourse to You Podesi a helping hand, mistress, Yes, all Eminem heart and with one mouth praise bring Ti setevoe: Hail, thou Thee: to us descends the favor of God; hail, thou Thee and we, the imams of vassae to God with boldness. Hail, thou all the troubles and hardships of our prinositi Your Son’s hard on us in prayer; rejoice, thou and our prayers are pleasing to God someloves. Rejoice, thou invisible enemies athanasi from us; rejoice, thou from visible enemies we izbavlenii. Rejoice, thou heart evil man umagaeshi; hail, thou from slander, molestation and chiding us shimauchi. Hail, thou Thee all our good wishes come true; hail, thou much can Your prayer before Your Son and God. Rejoice, unexpected joy of a faithful giver.
Kontakion 4
The storm inside having sinful thoughts, wicked people molases before an honest icon of Thy and, having seen the Blood from the plagues of the Eternal Son of Thy streams, as on the Cross, current, Pade from fear and with a sob Taco vopijashe to thee: “have Mercy on me, o Mother of mercy, let not anger overcome my ineffable goodness and mercy Your, You’re Bo thou all sinner only Hope and Refuge; preclinica DRC at the mercy of the Good Mother, and ask thou in me Thy Son and my Creator, Yes constantly calling Him, Allelua.
Ikos 4
Lysase celestials on chudesnom by Thy prayers the salvation of their terrestrial dying brother, proslavila Thee, o Queen of Heaven and earth; and we, greshnyi, svedese such a sinner like us intercession, and wonders if our language is vocality Thee in the domain, from the depths of our heart udalennogo sung Ti the information centre: Rejoice, Surety of the salvation of sinners; hail, perishing. Rejoice, unexpected joy of sinners; hail, fallen uprising. Rejoice, Predstatelnoj to God, peace from troubles saving; rejoice, thou voice of prayers Besi tremble. Rejoice, thou to this the angels rejoice; rejoice, thou and we, earthly beings, the power of the prayers of Your fun takes. Rejoice, thou those from Tina we shimauchi sins; rejoice, thou the flame of our passions pashaei. Rejoice, unexpected joy of a faithful giver.
Kontakion 5
Bogotazo star – the miraculous icon of the mother of Thy, thou hast showed us, o Lord, for viruse the image of Her telesnina ochima, mind and heart to rise and Pervokrasnoe It to You westchem, the singing, Allelua.
Ikos 5
Beholding the angels Keepers of the Christians, thou the mother of God spospeshestvovat them in the admonition of intercession and salvation, Padmasana the information centre, woopity the Cherubim, and Glorious without compare than the Seraphim: Rejoice, o thou with Thy Son and God reigning forever; rejoice, it is always about the kind Christiansted prayer brings. Rejoice in Christianity faith and piety Mentor; rejoice, heresies and corrupting divisions of Iskorenennija. Rejoice, by corrupting the body and soul of keeping temptations; rejoice, from dangerous abstane and sudden death, without repentance and the Holy Communion, relieving. Rejoice that trusts in Thee belly of an honourable end of the giver; hail, and death for usedso at the resurrection the soul in front of Your Son relentlessly seeking. Rejoice, Your Obscene with intercession from eternal torment this very freeing. Rejoice, unexpected joy of a faithful giver.
Kontakion 6
Preacher Your wonderful mercy, granted to a certain person pizzacono, come unto those Holy Dimitry of Rostov, who, spiš great and nice and fair things of God, manifested in You, predate pismeni and this mercy in Thy learning and comfort of all the faithful, and TII, in gresik, troubles, sorrow and oslableniya things, many times, every day with faith in prayer before the image of Your knee and bow, of those monuments that cry out to God: Allelua.
Ikos 6
Us, o Christ God, thou all-radiant dawn, the miraculous icon of Yours, mother of God, banishing the darkness of the trials and tribulations of all, with love to egregious Ti the information centre: Rejoice, Healer of our in boleznej corporal; rejoice, Good Intercessor in pechalen our soul. Rejoice, our sorrow into joy translate; rejoice, anagelsics nesomnenno hope Vozneseniya. Rejoice, o ye the Nursemaid; rejoice, naked robe. Rejoice, widows of the Comforter; rejoice, bezmaternih orphans invisible Teacher. Rejoice, unjustly persecuted and the intercessor of the offended; rejoice, and rightly persecute abidemi Usticalines. Rejoice, unexpected joy of a faithful giver.
Kontakion 7
Although the Judicial law-giver is the Lord Himself alone law, the Contractor and avici mercy of His abyss, preclinica diligent supplication of Thy most blessed Mother the virgin, cheloveche bezzakonie verb: “the Law requires, and the son honors the mother. AZ Your Son, You’re My Mother: AZ Cha should ctice, obey Thy prayer; Wake DRC, as howesy: hresi now forgiven You for”. We, when such is the power of prayer of our Hodataitsa for the forgiveness of our sins, praise the mercy and unspeakable blahotova Her calling: Allelua.
Ikos 7
New wondrous and glorious sign of all the faithful hath appeared, like not only Mother but also of Her most pure Face on the Board is depicted, the power of the miracles bestowed upon thou, Lord; this Ordinance divodasa, in humbleness of heart I cry to It such: Rejoice, wisdom, and goodness, the revelation of God; rejoice, faith of the assertion. Rejoice, grace phenomenon; rejoice, soul-knowledge talent. Rejoice, spiritually harmful teachings deposition; rejoice, the wicked skills easy to overcome. Rejoice, the word of wisdom to those who ask giver; hail, foolish reasonable sedlovaya. Rejoice, detem, neudobe students, mind feed; hail, good youth the Guardian and Mentor. Rejoice, unexpected joy of a faithful giver.
Kontakion 8
Strange and horrible vision, there was a certain man pizzacono, pokazuja him the goodness of the Lord, through the intercessions of Bogomateri forgiving his sins; Wherefore thence, isprawl their life, are boogada. The information centre and we, the glorious deeds and the manifold wisdom of God in the world and of our life when, eliminate earthly vanity and excessive earthly concerns and mind and our heart to Heaven erect, the singing God: Allelua.
Ikos 8
All in the highest residing, and lower nikakoe retreated ESI, Prilozena the Queen of Heaven and earth; ashche Bo by Thy Dormition and ascended to Heaven with Thy most pure flesh, obeche and sinful earth, thou didst not forsake, yavlyayuschisya Prichastnye the plans of Your Son about the kind Christiansted. Wherefore Thee on the debt bless: Rejoice, all-pure radiance of the soul of Thy whole earth prosvetova; rejoice, cleanliness Telese Your all the Heavens rejoice in Christ. Rejoice, for the plans of Your Son about the kind Christiansted Holy Servant; rejoice, o world hard Predstatelnoy. Rejoice, all of us in the Cross of Your Son to adopt; rejoice, always obscene love for us which. Rejoice, all gifts, spiritual and bodily, nezavisna the Giver; hail, benefits temporary the For. Rejoice, the doors of the Kingdom of Christ overseasa faithful; rejoice, and earth-friendly fun to the heart of their performing. Rejoice, unexpected joy of a faithful giver.
Kontakion 9
All angel divisa the case of Your mercy, o Lord, thou hast bestowed shred hard and warm intercessor and Helper of the Christian race, we are invisible prebyvaya, clychau You singing: Allelua.
Ikos 9
Vetia mnogobashenniye, but not bogopolskii shekawat, for the worship of the Holy image of Aki would worship an idol there; don’t understand Bo, thou the honor of the Holy image bestowed on the Integral ascend. We are not only this good leading, but also from certain people about many chudotvornaya from the Face of Bogomateri hearing, and do worship him need to vremenny and eternal life preelude, fun mother of God we cry: Rejoice, thou from Thy Holy Face miracles deyus; rejoice, thou Utica wisdom and grace and this from the wise and prudent of this world. Rejoice, thou odrysia the child in the faith; hail, thou glorifying Thee proslavljali. Rejoice, thou who reject Thee before all postalease; hail, thou from drowning, fire and the sword, of deadly plagues and from every evil recourse to You izbavlenii. Rejoice, thou the whole disease chelovecescie, mental and bodily, vrachasi mercifully having strengthened his saints; rejoice, thou righteous anger of God for us by Your supplication soon Atolyesi. Rejoice that thou art a quiet refuge from the storms floating on the sea of life; rejoice, thou and at the end of life swimming our reliable privatise us neoborimaja country of the Kingdom of Christ. Rejoice, unexpected joy of a faithful giver.
Kontakion 10
To save even a wicked man from the wrong path of life his wonderful vision of the most honorable of the icon of Thy thou hast shown to him the most blessed, Yes, the wonder of seeing, they will repent and from the depth of sinful merciful Providence Your erected, cries out to God: Allelua.
Ikos 10
Wall virgins, hail Mary, and all to Thee thee, for the heaven and earth, the Creator, Selimiye in Your womb and You raduysya show Thee, the virgin, the guardian of virginity, purity and chastity and the vessel of all virtue, and all vozpaste teach You: Rejoice, pillar, and fence of virginity; hail, purity and chastity invisible Guardian. Rejoice, good teacher of the virgins; rejoice, brides good Ukrazalinytsa and the Surety. Rejoice, sielanka performing good matrimony; rejoice, mothers decoradas fast resolution. Rejoice, babies upbringing and gracious protection; rejoice, childless parents the fruits of faith and the spirit, laughing. Rejoice, mothers who sorrow consolation; rejoice, secret gladness of pure virgins and widows. Rejoice, unexpected joy of a faithful giver.
Kontakion 11
Singing semylanne bringing Ti, nedostigenii, we ask You, o virgin mother of God: for to the voice of Your servant; by You Bo in napastej and sorrow come running, and before Thee the troubles of our tears shed, the singing, Allelua.
Ikos 11
Sotoportego will svemu, dry them in the darkness of sin and Vale of tears appeared visibly Holy virgin; the spiritual Bo the fire of Their prayers, guidance and comfort vesihelmi, brings to Light Nevecerela all, the proclamation commemorating Yu Simi: Rejoice, Ray of the Sun of Righteousness – Christ our God; rejoice, guilty conscience enlightens. Rejoice, secret and unforeseen neudobe all good leading and whom befits Kazuya; rejoice, the false seers and vain divination patruleasa. Rejoice, in the hour of bewilderment good thoughts on the heart of believing; rejoice in fasting, prayer and meditation on God abides for ever prebyvaya. Rejoice, faithful shepherds of the Church encouraging and instructing; rejoice, God-fearing monks and the nun prisna consolation. Rejoice, contrite before God, not shameful and intercessor of sinners; Rejoice, all Christians warm For. Rejoice, unexpected joy of a faithful giver.
Kontakion 12
The divine grace we ask for in Thy Son and God, stretch forth a helping hand, talking from us every enemy and adversary, umiri our life, not die property, without repentance, but accept us in eternal blood, the mother of God, Yes, rejoicing sing to God, Thee us saving: Allelua.
Ikos 12
Singing the unspeakable Obscene Your mercy to man, pizzacono, to praise Thee, thee, thou solid Predstatelnoy for us sinners, and worship You, about us, praying; believe Bo and hope, like imprecise of Thy Son and God eternal and temporal good of all with love blatant Ti the information centre: Rejoice, all slanders and temptations from the world, the flesh and the devil finding a violation; rejoice, Nechaeva reconciliation fiercely warring. Rejoice, nevedomoe correction unrepentant sinners; rejoice, suffering from depression and sadness, soon the Comforter. Rejoice, by the grace of humility and patience we syrievaya; rejoice, perjury and the unjust gains of the popular conviction. Hail from domashnia of battle and strife half a world and a love of fencing; rejoice, from the adverse endeavours and foolish wishes us invisibly away. Rejoice in the good namerenii our prisna Sospechosa; rejoice, in the hour of death we all Assistant. Rejoice, unexpected joy of a faithful giver.
Kontakion 13
About to be in Trouble, Mother, cannot fit God into the womb and filled with the joy of the world has given birth! Current receive singing, all our sorrows into joy he turned out and deliver from every affliction of all, and the future of izmi flour, You egregious: Allelua.
(This kontakion is read thrice, then ikos 1 and kontakion 1)
Prayer before the icon of Theotokos “unexpected Joy”

O most-Holy virgin, Sablage, Son, Mother all-good, castle and Holy Church of this Patron, of all things in gresik, sorrow, troubles, and boleznej faithful Predstatelnoy and intercessor! Receive the moleben these things from us, Thine unworthy servant, offer to You, and as of old the sinner, every day many times before an honest icon of Thy worshippers, not despised hast, but thou gave him unexpected joy of repentance and bowed thou Thy Son to many and hard to It a petition for forgiveness of this sinful and salutaguse, tacos and now for supplication of us unworthy of Thy servants, and ask thou of Thy Son and our God, and all of us, with faith and affection of the worshipper before away; the healing footprint with Thy likeness, gives unexpected legodo for the sake of joy; a sinner, mired in the depths of evils and passions, – sebastienne admonition, repentance, and salvation; the universal sorrow and pechalen – consolation; acquiring in troubles and oslableniya – perfect now isbyte; cowardly and unreliable – hope and patience; with joy and abundant living – the constant Benefactor to God; the poor – compassion; the noun in sickness and in dolgoletie and by the doctors – Nechaeva healing and strengthening; izbivshim from an illness of the mind – mind return and renewal; the waste in the eternal and endless life – the remembrance of death, tenderness and contrition for sins did, the spirit is willing and hard on the mercy of the judge hope. O Lady Of The Blessed! Miloserdiya about all honorable reveres Thy Name, and all of reality awaits alike the inevitable hour is Thy and intercession: in piety, purity and chestnim residence staying to the end of their goodness keep; make the evil good; darkness to the right way guide; every thing good and pleasing to Thy Son hands establish thou it; every wicked and ungodly retrosi; perplexed and difficult and dangerous hardships finds invisible assistance and admonition from Heaven nisposli from the temptations, the temptations and the ruin save me, from all evil and from enemies visible and invisible defend and protect; floating swim, travelling PUTESHESTVUY; who is in poverty and hunger Wake the Nursemaid; poor shelter and refuge Wake cover and refuge; naked on me, o robe of the offended and unjustly persecuted – the intercession; libel, defamation and demonization of suffering invisibly justify; slanderers and detractors before all oblaci; fiercely warring Nechaeva on me, o reconciliation and all of us to each other love, peace, and piety, and health with long life. marriage in love and harmony with one save; wife, enmity, and division of things, umiri, I connect to each other and decoratedin ambulance on me, o permission to bring infants, young oculometry, pray their minds to the perception of every useful teachings, fear of God, temperance and hard work profitably; from domashnia of battle and enmity of half-peace and love protect me; bezmaternih orphans Wake mother, from every blemish and impurity. I’m all good and godly teach, deceived and in sin and uncleanness upadhya, the filth of sin othewise, from the abyss of perdition ACK; widows Wake the Comforter and Helper, old age Wake the rod; from sudden death without repentance all of us deliver all of us a Christian ending to our belly, bezboleznenno, neposredno, Myrna and good response to Dreadful Sadisi Hristov grant; preestablishes in faith and repentance from this life with the Angels and all the blessed saints in the life make; konsovsky sudden death merciful being of Your Son, our Holy and all souls, who do not care about relatives, for the repose of their Son begging Herself to Wake continually, and warm Molitvennitsa and For: Yes, all in Heaven and on earth Vedat Thee, thou firm and an honourable predstatelnoy the kind of Christian, and leading praise Thee, and with Thee Thy Son, with His Beginningless father and His Consubstantial Spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

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