The inscription on the “Biblical mount” in Mexico broke 4 world records

In Mexico the so-called “Biblical mount” was decorated with a huge inscription calling on local residents to read the Bible. The inscription has broken 4 records in the Guinness Book of records.

“Bible mountain” is located near the city of Ciudad Juarez (formerly Paso del Norte), cities in Mexico, in the Northern part of the state of Chihuahua, with a population of 1.5 million people.

Ciudad Juarez is now considered the capital of organized crime. Many call it “hell on earth”, because today it is considered the most criminal in the world. The military and the police with its mission I haven’t yet.
Christians fighting crime, completely different, spiritual means. In 1987 was launched the project of improvement and clearance of the mountain in the biblical way. A godly call on its slope reads: “Ciudad Juarez, the truth in the Bible, read it.”

Activists of the project from time to time renew the inscription in white lime and clear the slope of debris. In the latest mass action in the cleaning and refreshment of the inscriptions was attended by about 2 thousand people. Each of them consider this voluntary work as their spiritual service. Many are also encouraged by the prospect of the recognition of world records set this inscription in four categories: (1) the great call for reading the Bible; (2) the biggest area of the inscription, which occupies as much as 30 thousand square meters; (3) the largest number of the founders of the label; and (4) the large letters of the inscription.

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