The intercession – out of time, place and circumstances

On the day of the Holy virgin, a priest Andrey mizyuk reflects on the history, meaning and spiritual essence of the holiday.


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Amazing holiday. Like as not our “our”, I mean the Greek, which, however, in Greece and is not marked, moreover, if to take for a basis the sources of the chronicle, it turns out that our pagan ancestors, besieged Constantinople, defeated, and the city was saved by the prayers and intercession of the Mother of God, which apparently opened suffered the siege of the barbarians to the inhabitants of the capital of the Byzantine Empire.

“The veil in the hands of the blessed Mother surrounded by angels and saints, shining “more than the rays of the sun”, and stood next to the Holy Lord, John the Baptist and the Holy Apostle John the Theologian. Then St. Andrew asks his disciple Epiphanius: “you See, brother, the Queen and Lady of all praying for the world?”. “See, Holy father, and terrifying,” – replied Epiphany”.

So saved the city from destruction and death

The history of the holiday known to us all. It is also known that the holiday is not marked in the calendar of the Greek, but is present and is honored in our tradition. Paradoxically, Recalling the military defeat of our ancestors who came to destroy the great city that this holiday is not just caught, went into the calendar, but was especially respected and loved by the people.

The quantity Pokrovsky churches in Russia, I think, probably, even does not make sense, but there are still towns, villages, cities (at least, for example, next to Saratov the Volga, since he’s officially still called Engels, but – Pokrovsk and pocrovca themselves most often as it is called), street. How much is imprinted in memory, this is not “our”, this “unpatriotic” holiday.

And it is actually true. Big, beautiful feast of the Mother of God is to remind us that our faith is not national, that it is above the ethnic and cultural characteristics, is not tied to a geographical point, but indicates, informs us of our accessories for the Fatherland to another, unto the city Eternal, the Celestial, in which there are no splits in which we are all one people and children of the Heavenly Father. This does not prevent us to love our earthly Home and to pay her due, but in any case, definitely recalls that in the Christian life should be the main thing that makes it perfect in relation to God and people.

The holiday favorite. The Pokrov Church in Saratov was the first temple where I was once go to confession. There was held the first Communion. Pokrovsky Church in the village of Maksimovka in the Saratov region, with its beautiful community, wonderful, beautiful, converted from a conventional shop, so much so that now I do not know that there was a store where I now serve at every feast. Many expensive and wonderful memories.

In the same city the Church of the intercession was served and my first Confessor, which it is on Cover, a few years after his death, his spiritual children gave me his old epitrachelion and cuffs, and at the same time and brought the terminally ill woman who first confessed and received communion, and after almost a month left to the Lord. This Cover, once open over the besieged capital of the Byzantine Empire, centuries later and me, a small and ordinary person, full-time priests in ordinary Russian city. And I very often, especially in the most difficult minute you feel and remember Who in this moment asks for me and stays beside me.

And here’s another. Amazing and almost imperceptible, recently revealed to me feature. Pokrov Mother of God, I think this event is still out of time, place and circumstances. He over those who at this very moment is in need of intercession and the mercy of the Mother of our Savior. I can feel him in the hospital, when appropriate blessing for the coming childbirth and surgery, among girls baptized, unbaptized, and even those who belong to other religious traditions. It happens with Muslim girls who asked me for an Orthodox priest to bless them at birth, and pray for a good resolution from this light burden. And I dared not refuse. And as all this can be taken to refuse your kind words, support and guidance if I’m a future mother, in a sense, the earthly and the quiet way The one Itself in the days and hours before the Birth of His son found no place and response among people?


I remembered another amazing event, which until recently, I, unfortunately, do not even know. 14 Oct 1943 took place obscure, but probably the only successful uprising in the Sobibor killing center. Yes, that Sobibor, which has become better known today, thanks to the Konstantin Khabensky.

Reading documents and personal reminiscences of Lieutenant Alexander Pechersky, amazed that he himself has suffered and how this was possible, I suddenly saw this date and for some reason a lot of for me cleared up. The rebellion happened on the Cover.

Understanding and knowing, of course, that none of the participants in these events nothing specifically to any date and time is not much, I, however, somehow I have no doubt that happened and it happened all not by accident. Nor was there anybody no time all and in no short time, almost one month. Because it was hell, a place where the mechanism of killings and abuse worked without stopping and coming people for some rare exceptions, killed EN masse and immediately.

The earth, scorched by pain and horror and despair of those few who decided to regain at least the right to die in battle, resisting the soulless mortal the pipeline, who through desperation and fear raised the banner of human dignity. And won. The cost of death and life, falls into it a short and heavy battle, defending his right to at least die as a human. There were those very few ones who broke and fled, and among them the organizer of the uprising, Lieutenant-caves. The uprising infuriated Himmler, and the next day the camp was razed to the ground, and the memory of him and every trace tried to destroy.

And yet, thinking and reflecting now, I somehow believe that this event, this feat of the human will, this small and at the same time no victory was held under Cover. The cover of The one and in those terrible seconds sympathized with and was close with people in need and suffering, but the most important second a moment fortified on terrible and unequal battle. So at the Cross, in His stradaniyah Son to entrust His Mother to be compassionate and not leave people, leaving Her to be a Mother to each of us.

Quiet and bright holiday. I write these lines, ready for the road in the distant, almost 200 km away from the town, village. I know that there, at any point in this strange our world is and will Cover This earth and a Heavenly Mother.

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