The introduction of the virgin and two thousand years of women priests

Today’s celebration is similar to magic. He, it seems, demonstrably unhistorical: well, not allowed would be any one the priest of the girl in the Holy of Holiesthe most sacred place of the Jerusalem temple. Even if would be he was a revelation over. Imagine yourself, that a certain Bishop is an angel and says, that today the Liturgy is to make a three year old girl. What decides the Bishop? That he went with the mind? That he was not deceived by the enemy? What is it whyisit not realized? Yes that want, only do not lead to the altar a three year old girl. Those not less, the Church very seriously belongs to this fabulous story and every year it says.

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  • In the temple of the Theotokos: We did not have his
  • Introduction in temple Presvjatoj of the virgin Mary: who can enter into the Holy of Holies?
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  • In the temple of the virgin put an end to the alienation of man from God

The Nun Eugenia (Senchukova)

St. Dimitri of Rostov says that the three-year virgin Mary was accompanied by girls in the temple of the Lord from Nazareth. I prefer the version according to which Joachim and Anna lived in Jerusalem, and a maiden was walking from his home in his native city. Every person who has ever once had palomnitsa the Holy Land, will be very pleased to represent a string of girls walking with flowers and songs along the familiar route from the beginning way of the Cross, where, according to the guidebooks, was the house of Joachim and Anna, according to the City of the Golden Temple. Of course, the streets had changed – the Jerusalem survived several reorganizations, including the complete destruction of the 135 year.

But, if the place of the Nativity of the virgin Mary, defined at least approximately true, the Temple was still very close. In a similar manner many centuries later, another route of the same City will go in the Christmas period merry pilgrims with fir branches and Christmas carols – in the Temple of the blessed virgin Mary is remembered in the Christmas post. The introduction takes us from the old Testament, which expressed the religious rites in the Temple of Jerusalem, in the New, a phenomenon born of a virgin Son of God.

This event is more to the story. Perhaps, the celebration originated from another Jewish tradition of Midrash, which is meaningless taken literally, they do not believe in the described events. What is “Midrash”? As a rule, it is a legend, clarifying some story described in the Bible, the motives of the characters before the events of the special circumstances… We learn something about the presentation in the temple of the blessed virgin Mary from very early, but the Apocrypha – “Prevailingly of Jacob.” The Church as it stipulates: “We do not insist that everything was just so. It is important”.


But what’s the point? Can still enter the virgin in the Holy of Holies? Or is it a pious fiction? Or in this story there something more?

Let’s try to think. Debate about the possibility of women priests, from time to time arise among the theologians, considered to be a manifestation of apostasy: the decline of faith, the destruction of Christian anthropology and outright heresy. But you can look at these discussions from the other side.

Archpriest Alexander Schmemann wrote:

“Here was this magnificent, heavy temple — the glory of Jerusalem. And for centuries people believed that only in it, for heavy walls, a man can touch God. But the priest took Maria and put her in the most sacred place, and we still sing: “glory to the Temple Spasov is introduced in the temple of the Lord”. And then Christ said, “Destroy the temple this, and I in three days will raise it”. The Evangelist adds: “and He spoke about the temple of the body of His”.

The meaning of all these events, all these words, all these recollections is simple: from now on, the temple becomes man, no longer rocks and altars, and man — his soul, his body and his whole life — that sacred and divine center of the world, here is his “Holy of holies””.

Imagine the scene. Sunday morning in the village Church. At the altar a young priest is seen distributed this far coming just after the Seminary. In the choir – a young mother and two grandmothers. In the temple, three elderly women with grandchildren aged seven, elderly caretaker and svecica. Closer to Communion suit two moms with kids – city woman who came in the summer to stay with relatives in nature.

A typical picture, isn’t it?

Now think. Who in this picture the main character? It is easiest to answer: “the Priest”. Indeed, without them it would not have taken place – because there was no one to do it, because on it, you are empowered to do this – just him.

A little thought, you can give another answer: “the Main here is the Christ.” This is true in General, but this response is insufficient in a particular case. After all Christ in our picture is not shown. Exactly matching the doctrine of “kenosis” Divine exhaustion, samopalnoy and self-mortification, He also helped so that even where He is the center and goal events, that is, in the Eucharist, His eyes not visible.

Actually the main in the temple – all. There is even a Church of the establishment, prohibiting a priest from celebrating the Holy Liturgy, if not even Cantor (as stated in the “Teach the News” in the Missal and one of Nomocanons). Even if due to some extreme circumstances, imprisonment, a deep stopper, and so forth – the priest is all alone, saying he’s “Angels and saints will be” having in mind that, in any case, it’s the service and is done only because there is a Church consisting of other people and the forces of Heaven.

“A Royal priesthood, a Holy nation,” says the Apostle Peter, the Church as the society of the future century, following the arrival of the Savior.

Each of us is a priest or even high priest, who dare not once a year, and any day to touch the true Holy of Holies – the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Moreover, every Christian, every second is in the Holy of Holies, for we are all members of the body of Christ – the Holy Church.

“When in the Orthodox Church’s priesthood?” ask modern scholars. And the answer is simple. We have two thousand years there is a female priesthood. Ever since, when three-year-old Girl was taken to the Temple of the Lord, and “the angels joining most pure trade, udivishsya, kako virgin vnide in the Holy of Holies”.

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