The Irish priest refused to give communion to a politician who voted for abortion

Father John Hogan refused to partake of the MP Robert Troy

In Ireland, a Catholic priest was not allowed to Communion of members of Parliament who supported a referendum on the legalization of abortion.

Father John Hogan refused to partake of the MP Robert Troy, speaking for the legalization of abortion in the beginning of last year. It is reported

Father Hogan refused to give communion to Troy during the mass at the funeral on 4 January, in the Church of St. Nicholas in the village Multifarnham the diocese of Meath.

Robert Troy, previously voiced opposition to abortion in December 2018, told the press that voted for the legalization of abortion in the referendum held in Ireland in may 2018.

As reported by PWC, formerly more than 66% of voters supported the abolition of the eighth amendment to the Constitution which secured for the unborn child the right to life.

Changes were made to article of the Constitution of Ireland, which recognized the right to life of the mother and the unborn child is equal in its legal effect. Before the referendum the woman, who in Ireland abortion could face up to 14 years imprisonment. Abortion was legal only if the pregnancy posed a serious threat to a woman’s life. It was forbidden to terminate a pregnancy even in cases of rape, incest or fatal abnormalities in fetal development.

The eighth amendment to the Irish Constitution, which enshrined the right of the embryo to life, was adopted in 1983, also the results of the referendum. Then for a ban on abortion voted for 66.9% of voters voted against 33.1 per cent. The law on abortion in Ireland lobbied the Catholic Church.

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