The Irishman 20 years, led the Catholic school, hiding that he is an atheist

The Catholic school was operated by the Director, successfully posing as a religious man

The former Director admitted that he didn’t have to hide his atheistic views in the atmosphere of the “public pretense”.

In Ireland the Director, who led the Catholic high school 20 years turned atheist, says Christianpost.

Peter gunning, former Director Scarlatescu national school in cork mountain region Sahlin admitted that to impersonate a Catholic he was not hard, because in school the atmosphere of “pretense”.

“I, an atheist, it was not difficult to serve as a mentor at a Catholic school, admits gunning in his outspoken article published in the newspaper The Irish Times. – All I had to do was play the role of a Catholic, and you aren’t. A General atmosphere of pretense in primary schools just a total. In the role of Director I had kept in my heart his disbelief with a poker face like a professional poker player”.

“Under the terms of the employment contract, I was required to strengthen the Catholic spirit and faith in the school, – said the atheist. I didn’t have any rights to personal feelings and personality, and I routinely played a simple formal role on the people, making sure that students regularly took communion and showed diligence on the lessons of divinity.”

Gunning noted that less than 20 % of students regularly receive Holy communion and visit the temples and the rest is enough to study God’s Law in three-and-a-half hours a week. The former Director believes that the Catholic schools of Ireland, it’s time to abandon the outdated rules and start accepting non-Christian students.

About considerable changes in society of Ireland is evidenced by the recent referendum results on abortion. As reported by the SPM, in Ireland the majority voted for the liberalization of legislation in the sphere of abortions: more than 66% of voters supported the abolition of the eighth amendment to the Constitution which secured for the unborn child the right to life.

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