We told you about this earlier. Vice-President Michael Pence criticized in the popular talk show after a former employee of the White house said that Penny thinks he hears of Jesus Christ.

This week joy behar, host of ABC’s “The Veiw” , publicly apologized for his sarcastic comments about the faith of Vice-President Mike Pence. Last month, behar compared the Pens to hear the voice of Jesus, a mental illness that has caused indignation of audience. As Pence told “Fox news” on Monday, the host called him and apologized, but he asked her a public apology.

“I said to joy: “of Course I forgive you. After all, forgiveness is a part of my life as a believer”. But I advised her to use this program or some other public platform to apologise to tens of millions of Americans who were equally offended,” — said Michael Pence.

“Yes, I think that the Vice-President of Pensions rights. I was taught to respect the religious belief of all people that I did not. I sincerely apologize for what I said” — said the journalist.

Apologies behar followed a month after its criticism of faith.

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