The Kazan center for troubled kids closed after complaints on torture and violence

September 24. PRAVMIR. In Kazan closed rehabilitation center for troubled Teens “Symbol of life”, after complaints of children on torture and violence.

  • The complaints of the pious inmates of the monastery confirmed
  • The leaders of the boarding school in Kama was stealing from inmates
  • The court temporarily closed the boarding school in which died four pupils
  • Launched a hotline for abused inmates and graduates of orphanages
  • The Prosecutor’s office revealed more than 300 violations of the rights of children-orphans in the Urals

The organization closed the Kirovskiy district court at the suit of the Prosecutor’s office, writes “Kommersant” with reference to the human rights organization “Area law”.

About the systematic torture of staff of the Kazan private rehabilitation center for teenagers “Symbol of life” became known in July 2018. As a disciplinary influences for violation of the rules they had forced the children to squat a few hundred times, doused them with ice water from the shower, intimidated, humiliated, selected phones and were not allowed to tell my parents. These rigid “educational” measures pushed 14-year-old boy to attempt suicide. Then his mother complained to the investigating authorities.

Now the Investigative Committee is investigating a case of incitement to suicide, as well as combined in one case of violent actions of sexual character concerning minors, and the compulsion to do so.

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