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The Kazan icon of the Mother of God – Orthodox Christians venerated the miraculous icon of the virgin. All the details of its appearance, read the article.

The Kazan icon of the Mother of God: the story

July 21 – the day of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God

1579. White mercilessly scorching sun, the dust on the roads of Kazan. Dust and ash from a recent fire – a week ago, it blazed a terrible fire. It began near the Church of St. Nicholas spread to the Kazan Kremlin. Long hours blazing glow, wailing women, crying children – as well as will spread in the house, what will happen?! And a gleefully laughed – where is your God was that the Church was burned? See all the lies your priests – there was burning. And what will you say? And it’s true, many in those days their faith questioned – it may be displeasing to God, turning to Christ from Islam ? “The faith of Christ, – says the chronicler – became a byword and a reproach”…

In the fire were left homeless, many families, but do nothing, nobody burned will not return, and build it soon – for the winter time. Hurry with the construction, among other victims of the fire and Strelets Daniel Onuchin. Daniel had a daughter, Matron. Her parent’s grief was less clear – children and fire – quite funny – so much remains after is where the beautiful piece of glass where a stone unseen. Only in the evening when you go to sleep, remember that after the fire it is not so unusual.

The Kazan icon of the Mother of God

One night Holy cow woke up from unseen – appeared to her in a dream the mother of God – Holy mother of God. And not just appeared, and commanded that Her icon from under the ground to get it. Shone in the bright light and woke up the girl. All you have are dreams, visions, all that you imagining all the wonders you have never-ending – says the skeptic, reading this. And anticipating our story, because that’s what nine years of Holy cow and said home. “Dreams are sometimes from God, but visions only are Holy, so you better dreams not to give,” said the parents. And they were right. Just still a dream that was a vision, but repeated it a second time and on the third night. When my parents decided to check up words of the girl.

The Holy cow’s mother went to the place where, as he remembered the girl from the dream, was supposed to be an icon. Began to dig. Deeper, yet – do it! And just as the icon of the blessed virgin. Cleaned it from the dust of the earth.. But how did it get there? Apparently, a long time ago the secret Confessors of Christianity in the heterodox camp so I hid the icon of the Heavenly Queen. News of the miraculous finding of the icon flashed faster than the fastest bird, and now to this place in a hurry, the priests of neighboring temples, Archbishop Jeremiah, reverently taking the icon, solemnly carries her to the temple SVT. Nicholas, where, after prayer, moved her procession to Annunciation Cathedral, the first Orthodox temple of Kazan, erected by Ivan the Terrible. Once it became clear that the icon was miraculous – during the procession received his sight two blind men Kazan. We even know their names: Joseph and Nikita.

And those who a few days ago mocked the Orthodox faith, in embarrassment, hurried to the icon – requests – the Queen of Heaven, help, instruct, heal!

These miracles were the first in a long list of miracles and healings. The story of the finding so impressed the Tsar Ivan the terrible that he ordered to erect the Kazan Cathedral and founded a convent. There some time later, he was tonsured Matrona and her mother.

The image of the Kazan blessed virgin Mary according to the type refers to the icons of the Hodegetria – the guide, and indeed, many of our compatriots it is not just pointed out the right path. So, with the Kazan icon moved to Moscow militia, liberated the city from the pretenders of the time of Troubles. In the besieged the Kremlin was at that time in captivity arrived from Greece, seriously ill from shocks and experiences Lasansky Archbishop Arseny (later the Archbishop of Suzdal; † 1626; April 13). At night, the cell of St. Arsenius suddenly lit up with Divine light, he saw St. Sergius of Radonezh (commemorated 5 July and 25 September), who said: “Arsenius, our prayers are heard; through the intercessions of the Theotokos God’s judgment of the Fatherland is proposed to mercy; zautra Moscow is in the hands of the besiegers, and Russia saved.” The next day was released China town, 2 days later the Kremlin.

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The Kazan Cathedral. Moscow.

Kazan Cathedral on red square in Moscow

Kazan Cathedral on red square in Moscow is one of the most famous churches in Moscow were built in 1636. Was moved back and the icon of the liberator, and now the image is stored in the Epiphany Cathedral.

Before the battle of Poltava Peter the Great and his army prayed before the icon of Kazan mother of God (from the village of Kaplunovka). In 1812 the Kazan icon of the Mother of God was upon the Russian soldiers, repelled the French invasion. The feast of the Kazan icon 22 Oct 1812, Russian troops under the command of Miloradovich and Platov defeated the rear guard of Davout. It was the first major defeat of the French after their departure from Moscow, the enemy lost 7 thousand people. That day the snow fell, a heavy frost, and the army of the conqueror of Europe began to falter.

Not only statesmen and warriors showed the way the icon of a tradition it is this icon bless the marriage of young parents, a long list of wonders is accompanied by this image of our lady is one of the most beloved in Russia.

The troparion of the Kazan icon of the mother of God, tone 4

Mediatrix diligent, / Mother of the Lord most high, / for all Molise of Thy Son Christ our God, / and all toresi ages, reigning in Your cover resort. / Protect us all, o Lady the Queen and the mistress, / the like of napastej and in sorrow, and in boleznej, burdened by many sins, / the upcoming and praying You umerennoi soul and a broken heart, / before sacred Your way with tears / and the non-refundable hope haves at Thee / ridding of all evil / grant all useful and / all save, hail Mary: // You’re Bo thou Divine Cover Thy servant.

Kontakion of the Kazan icon of the mother of God, tone 8

Preteam, ye people, to quiet them, and good home / emergency Helper, ready and warm salvation, to the intercession of the virgin. / Speed up on prayer and repentance potima: / exudes Bo paskudny us the grace of virgin Mary, / prefaces to the rescue, and saves from great misfortunes and evils, // well-behaved and boobasian Own slaves.

Prayer before the Kazan icon of the mother of God

O Most-Holy Mistress And Lady Theotokos! With fear, faith and love propedeuse before an honest icon of the Almighty, we pray Thee: turn not away Thy face from You resort to begging, Merciful Mother, Thy Son and our God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and keep Myrna, our country, establish His Church Holy Yes resublime will keep Yu from unbelief, heresy and schism. Not imams Bo inyya help not the imams inyya hope, except You, most pure virgin: thou art the Christians ‘ all-powerful Helper and Intercessor. Deliver all who faithfully pray to Thee sinful from falling, from evil slander people, from all sorts of temptations, sorrows, troubles and from the waste of death; grant us the spirit of contrition, humility of heart, purity of thoughts, correction of sinful life and the remission of sins, Yes, all blahodarne thou didst sing praise to Your greatness, sodomise of the Heavenly Kingdom and Damo with all the saints to praise the Righteous, and Velikolepie the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen.

July 21. The Kazan icon of the Mother of God

This icon appeared in 1579, shortly after the capture of the Kingdom of Kazan from the Tatars by Ivan the Terrible. The blessed virgin revealed its miraculous icon in order to more adopt it again converts from local inhabitants; not believing is more positioning for the Christian faith. She appeared in a dream to a pious maiden named Matrona, daughter burned during the terrible fire in Kazan Sagittarius, commanded to declare to the Archbishop and Governor, so they took the icon of the land, and pointed out the place. The girl told of his dream to his mother, but she explained it detskou ordinary dream. The dream repeated itself twice more.

The third time the wonderful power of the Matron was thrown from the window into the courtyard, where he saw the icon on which the face of the Mother of God assumed such a threatening rays that she was afraid to be burned by them, and the icon came the voice: “If you’ll keep my commandments, then I will be in a different place, and you will die.” After this mother and daughter went to Archbishop Jeremiah and Governor, but they did not believe them. Then on 8 July, in deep distress, both in the presence of the people, went to the same place. Mother and people started to dig the ground of the icon is not found.

But only began to dig herself Matrona, the icon was found. She was wrapped in a piece of cloth and shone with a strange light, as if they were brand new, just written. I believe that the icon was buried before the conquest of Kazan, someone from Christians to hide their faith from the haters of the faith of Mohammedans. Hearing about the appearance of the icon spread throughout the city, flocked many of the people, and the Archbishop, in the presence of the mayor, with a procession the icon was moved to a nearby Church of St. Nicholas, and from there to the Cathedral of the Annunciation. If you follow the icon into the Church many patients, especially the blind, were healed.

One might think that this pre-emption Alba blindness served as a sign that the Holy icon was to educate spiritual light darkened by blindness Mohammedan teachings. A copy of the icon was sent to Moscow, and Tsar Ivan Vasilievich ordered to build a Church and convent on the site of the appearance of the icon. The first nun and then abbess at the monastery was the girl the Matron. In 1768 the Empress Catherine II, slusav the Liturgy in the monastery, adorned with the crown of the miraculous icon of the virgin a diamond crown.

4 Nov. The Kazan icon of the Mother of God

In 1611, winter, St. miraculous Kazan icon of the Mother of God was sent back to Kazan, but on the way there, in Yaroslavl, it was met by the militia of Nizhny Novgorod, Minin assembled, on which he accepted the command of Prince Pozharsky and which, after learning about the miracles of the icon in Moscow, took her with him and constantly prayed to her, asking hard Heavenly intercessor for Christians sending aid to them. Holy mother of God showed His mercy has taken under Its Cover faithful sons of the Fatherland, and by Russia was saved from his enemies. Arrived to Moscow with Prince Pozharsky militia met a lot of insurmountable human obstacles, namely: it was necessary to take a well-fortified and stubbornly defended by poles of the city, to repel approaching Moscow fresh, numerous Polish army, to subdue self-will and violence of the Russian troops, who met the arriving militia almost with hatred and wakazashi them only hatred and betrayal. In addition, the lack of food in impoverished areas and lack of weapons has produced a strong decline of courage in the arriving army. And many of the faithful sons of the Fatherland, losing the last spark of hope in deep sorrow, cried out: “Forgive, the freedom of the Fatherland! Sorry, the Kremlin is sacred! We are all made for your liberation; but you can see, God is not pleased to bless our arms with victory.”

Deciding on a last attempt to free dear Motherland from the enemies, but not relying on our own strength, the whole army and the people prayed to the Lord and His most pure Mother, setting for this special litany and strictly observing a three day fast. God heard the cry of prayer who are concerned about the homeland and the inviolability of the Orthodox Church and showed them His mercy. Were in grievous captivity poles, in their busy Moscow Kremlin, came to Russia with the Greek Metropolitan Jeremiah of the sick Archbishop Arseny Albanskom appeared in a dream to Sergius, and announced that, through the prayers of the Mother of God and the great miracle workers of Moscow Peter, Alexis, Jonah and Philip, Lord the next day will tread down the enemies and return saved Russia, her sons, and for the assurances in the performance of his words gave Arseniy healing. Encouraged by the good news, the Russian soldiers called on the help of the Queen of Heaven, and bravely proceeded to Moscow, and October 22, 1612 liberated China town, and two days later took and the Kremlin. The poles fled. The next day, Sunday, the Russian army and all the inhabitants of Moscow, in gratitude for deliverance from his enemies, made a solemn procession to the place of execution, carrying the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, the sacred banner and other relics of Moscow. Spiritual procession that was received from the Kremlin, Archbishop Arseny miracle-working Vladimir icon of the mother of God saved them in captivity. Seeing this icon, the soldiers and the people knelt down and with tears of joy kissed the sacred image of their Patron.

So in memory of the miraculous deliverance of Moscow from the poles, by leave of the Tsar Mikhail Feodorovich and the blessing of his father, the Metropolitan, later Patriarch Filaret, set the Church on October 22 every year to perform in the Moscow celebration of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God with a procession. First, the procession was done in the Church of presentation of mother of God, at the Lubyanka, the home of Prince Pozharsky, and the dispensation of the new temple in honor of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God, built by the Prince Pozharsky (the Kazan Cathedral, resurrection square), the procession is taking place in the Cathedral. There also was transferred by the Prince Pozharsky and the miraculous icon, the former with him in the ranks of the troops.

Tobolsk icon of the Mother of God

This miraculous icon is located in Tobolsk in the Cathedral. She appeared in 1661. This year on July 8 in Tobolsk, Znamensky monastery, in celebration of the Kazan icon, at Matins, when Hierodeacon Ioanniky was reading the legend of the icon of our lady of Kazan and came to the place where it is said that the first Archbishop of Kazan did not believe the appearance of the icon, then before all the people prayed to our lady for forgiveness of his sin, he suddenly unconscious fell to the floor along with a lectern.

When recovered, immediately asked for a Confessor, and revealed to him the following:

“June 21st, after Matins, I came to his cell and fell asleep. Suddenly I see — come to me Prelate in full garb, like John Chrysostom; I esteemed him for Metropolitan Philip. The Saint told me: “Stand up and say to the Abbot, the Governor and all the people, to near three saints Church in the city built the Church of the Kazan mother of God, would build it in three days, and the fourth was consecrated and made her the image of the virgin of Kazan – the one that now stands in the porch of this Church of three saints in the closet, facing the wall. Tell them to to this way celebrated in the city. Here for your sins angry at you, you swear, and his profanity as a stench fills the air – the stench and God and people; but our lady, with all the saints prayed to His Son, Christ our God, about your city and about all the people, that He turned righteous anger”. But I, having risen from sleep, amazed, and said nothing to anyone. A little later, when I was in my cell and began to write irmoses: Priukrasheny divine glory – suddenly came in the same Prelate and graciously said to me, “Why are you not told what it was said to you from the blessed virgin through me, Her servant?” – and he disappeared. I fear fell to the ground, he glorified God, but to tell about the vision I was afraid to not work out the confusion among the people, and for fear that I will not believe. In a few days, during my sleep, the Saint again appeared to me and said with anger: “Why didn’t you tell povedennogo you? Because of your neglect of the wrath of God cometh on grad your for your sins. Your bread is rotting, and the water heats, get up quickly and tell the Archimandrite, the Governor and the people; if you don’t, you will soon lose your life. If the citizens obey, then God’s mercy will be on your grad and its surroundings; but if they obey not, will be hard to your grad: your cattle will isomet, rain water will spread your house, and you will all disappear, like worms, and the image of the mother of God glorified in another place.”

But this third phenomenon I haven’t told anyone, and here of July 6th, when after an evening of singing I came to the cell, and went to bed, I slept a light sleep and can hear the wonderful monastery of ringing two bells and the singing unusual of votes: I will Magnify Thee, the Immaculate mother of our God. One of the singers said to me: “because you didn’t tell povedennogo you, tomorrow you will be punished before all the people.” And when at the morning I began to read about the phenomenon of the miraculous image of our lady of Kazan, saw that was me before the Saint goes from the porch and blesses the people on both sides; and when he came to the meal, also blessing the people who came up to me and said, “You are reading this and why can’t you believe yourself? The image was in the ground, and this stands in the porch face to the wall; why didn’t you told about it?” And he’s shaking my hand, said, “If now a decrepit until, until you are made of divine matter.” Having said this, he became invisible, and I fear fell to the ground and now now tell you.”

The people, learning about wonderful phenomena, with tears praising the mercy of the blessed virgin, and all with diligence with a procession carried the icon to the place where it is stated to build up the Church, and the Church was built in three days and on the fourth consecrated. To build Church, says the narrator, was the torrential rains and the water came in rivers, as if in the spring, and when they began to build the Church, was a bucket; the bread and vegetables from that time recovered.

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The Kazan icon of the Mother of God. Images

  • Kaplunovsky-Kazan icon
  • Nizhny Lomov-Kazan icon
  • Karpovskaya-Kazan icon
  • Katashinskaya-Kazan icon
  • Ascension-the Kazan icon
  • Pavlovskaya-Kazan icon
  • Irkutsk-Kazan icon
  • Kargopol-Kazan icon
  • Yaroslavl-Kazan icon
  • Kazan, located in the Moscow Simonov Monastery
  • Kazan, located in Vyshenskaya desert
  • Kazan, located in Kazan monastery Vysochinskuyu
  • Kazan, located in the Tambov Cathedral
  • Kazan, located in Temnikov the Transfiguration Cathedral
  • Kazan, located in the town of Vyazniki
  • Kazan, located in Suzdal

Kaplunovsky-Kazan icon. This icon is located in Kaplunivka village, Kharkiv diocese. Appeared in 1689 as follows. The priest of this village, distinguished especially pious life of John Umanoff appeared in a dream to someone, decorated with gray hair the old man, and told him that soon will come to him from Moscow painters to the icons and to the oldest of them in years from the bunch of icons acquired by the eighth, the Kazan icon of the virgin. “From it you will receive grace and mercy,” said the old man. The priest did so, but first before that, he fasted strictly. Soon followed the new vision in a dream to the priest Umanoff: Itself was Holy mother of God, and commanded to put the icon into the Church. The priest reported his vision to the people and with the triumph moved the icon into the Church, and since that time the icon began to work wonders. The icon called Kaplunovskiy. In 1709, when Tsar Peter the Great fought with the Swedish king Charles XII, summoned to Kharkov to the army of the priest Kaplunovsk icon and told to wear it before the shelves, and he prayed with tears before her the Queen of Heaven for help. Meanwhile king Charles, by staying with his army near Kaplunovka, fit traitor Hetman Mazepa in the house of the priest John. Then some of his wild soldiers wanted to burn the Church. Overlaid it with straw and wood, but as he tried to set fire nor the wood, nor straw did not fire. Learning of this miracle and of the fact that the icon is in the Russian camp, Karl said Mazepa: “If he could not light the Church without the icon, where is she insecure we will be.” And it actually happened. The battle of Poltava was brought to Peter the Great’s victory over Charles. Kaplunovsky is a miraculous icon in the village the Koziivka, 80 miles from Odessa.

Nizhny Lomov-the Kazan icon. This icon appeared in 1643 at the source about two miles from the city Lower Scrap Penza province. Her phenomenon first raised there was a chapel and then a Church and a monastery.

Karpovskaya-Kazan icon. This icon is located in the Kursk Znamensky monastery. Here she is born in 1725 from Karpovskiy desert.

Katashinskaya-Kazan icon. This icon appeared in 1622 in a grove near the village of White Well of the Chernigov province the local priest and put them in a rural Church. In 1692 there was constructed a monastery, called Katashinskiy.

Ascension-the Kazan icon. She is in the ascension convent in Moscow, in the Kremlin. The first time she became famous in 1689. Two times she was in danger to be burned, but miraculously was saved. This year, after the prayer before this icon, I forgot to extinguish a candle, the candle fell and burned the lectern, on which lay the icon and the icon itself, despite what is written on the canvas, remained completely unharmed. Another time, when in 1701, on 19 June there was a fire in the Moscow Kremlin and burned down the Royal Palace and the ascension convent, the icon is wonderfully preserved. When I was taking out utensils and icons from the Cathedral monastery Church, it has not made, and yet she was made, along with other icons; and when, at the end of the fire, began to make things in the Cathedral, I saw that the icon is already on its place, though nobody brought it. And many miraculous healings were from this icon.

Pavlovskaya-Kazan icon. This icon is located in the village of Pavlovsk, Moscow province, Zvenigorod district. She was in a tree near the village, where he built a chapel in memory of the phenomenon; inside the chapel is a well called the Holy people. The first miracle of the icon was the following. One of the peasants of the village of Pavlovsk fell into a violent disease, from intemperate living. At this time, another pious peasant appeared in a dream the blessed virgin Mary, and commanded to say the patient that that She prayed for healing and went to wash in the Holy well. Then would leave intemperate life, or he may die. Patient with great effort went to the well, washed and recovered.

Irkutsk-Kazan icon. It is located in Irkutsk, the Epiphany Cathedral and was famous for many miracles. Yearly in April or may, after sowing of spring bread carrying her in procession on a nearby rural farm households the fields for the blessing of crops. This procession has long been set in the case of frequent shortages of bread in the surrounding villages of the city of Irkutsk.

Kargopol-the Kazan icon. This miraculous icon is in the town of Kargopol in the Olonets diocese, in the Church of the ascension. She became famous in 1714, the Icon was in the house of a pious widow Martha Ponomareva, who one day while praying before the icon, saw that from the right eye of the blessed virgin Mary to expire tears, and in fear, reported it to the priest. The icon was moved to the Church, and here twice in a short time, in everyone’s mind, from the eyes of the mother of God appeared jets of tears, what was conveyed by the then Metropolitan of Novgorod job.

Yaroslavl-Kazan icon. This icon is located in Yaroslavl Kazan female monastery. History of glorifying its next. In the year 1588, July 2, a certain pious man named Gerasim, when he was in Kazan, had a miraculous vision of the blessed virgin, and after, when he wished to buy Her icon, then in a dream he heard the voice, indicating where and what the icon to buy, and then go to town Novels and tell the residents that they built a temple in the name of the icon. Gerasim found the icon and just took her in his arms as the right hand of him aching for a long time, was healed. The temple in Romaniv was arranged, and the icon stood there until 1604, when Romanov was taken by the Lithuanians. At this time one of them took from the Church the miraculous icon was taken away with him to Yaroslavl. Here mother of God Herself appeared to a certain deacon Eleazar, and commanded in honor of Her to erect a temple. The temple was erected, and then with him and the monastery. Residents Romanov wished to regain her miraculous icon, but the citizens of Yaroslavl had asked Tsar Vasily Ivanovich, to leave her in their city, and the king, on the advice of Patriarch Hermogen, a letter from his party approved the request, but the fact that they made an exact copy of the wonderworking icon to Romanov. And the very miraculous icon yearly are from Yaroslavl to Novels.

Kazan, located in the Moscow Simonov Monastery. This icon was donated to the monastery received its blessing from the Bishop Tikhon of Voronezh. On the sides it depicts St. Tikhon, the angel of the Saint, and Martha, the angel of the sisters of Saint – Martha. First she became famous healing girls – page of Natalia, which has three times appeared in a dream to icon, but she didn’t know where to find her. Finally appeared to her in a dream ieroshimonaha Simonov monastery Alexis, by the way, and said that the icon is in the monastery in the Cathedral Church on the right side. The icon was found, and the patient after the prayer her sight was healed. Subsequently, in honor of her and for her was arranged in the Cathedral monastery Church, a special chapel. The icon had a lot of miracles.

Kazan, located in Vyshenskaya desert. This icon in 1812 was brought from Moscow to Tambov ascension nunnery, nun Mirabeau, which, in the case of bankruptcy the capital moved there. A pious old woman three times in reality heard from the icon’s voice, commanding her to move in Veshenskoy deserts, and after her death, by will, the icon was moved. In addition to many healings from the icon, vyshinskii monks sometimes seen flowing from her Church a bright light.

Kazan, located in Kazan Vysochinskuyu monastery. It is called the abode of the icon and the icon on the village Vysocina, where it was glorified by miracles. The icon had appeared in the early XVIII century, during the reign of Emperor Peter I. the Village Vysocina did not yet exist, and was then state-owned pine forest. On the banks of a swampy river Mzhi occurring among forests and surrounded by swamps, in the house the watchman lived with his family. This is a Keeper, and the icon was stoaway on a marsh hummock. From the icon came bright rays of light. The guard with reverence and prayer took it and put in house with the icons on the shelf. Then the icon was soon marked came from her sun-like radiance and healing the blind and lame old man, father watchman. Then took the icon to the nearest Church village Artychoke, but the icon three times came back to the house caretaker. The people learned about the event to the icon, has become many come to worship her, and many received healing and comfort. Then the centurion Vysochin, which the Emperor of honor during the battle of Poltava gave the land to the forest — the forest where the guard house stood a miraculous icon, built here a settlement that was called by his name, Vysocina, and from the village of Artychoke moved here Church where and was brought the miraculous icon. Subsequently there is a convent. In the monastery the icon was a lot of miracles.

Kazan, located in the Tambov Cathedral. This icon is richly decorated. Her first miracle was in 1695 6 Dec during the all-night vigil tears, sochinskie the veil and lectern.

Kazan, located in Temnikov the Transfiguration Cathedral. She was in the pantry between the non-usable utensils. The icon three times was one lady, who suffered from pain in the feet, and promised healing, if she will find her. The patient demanded to have her brought in Temnikov the Cathedral. Only she saw the icon in the pantry as immediately felt relieved and, after prayer, completely healed.

Kazan, located in the town of Vyazniki. It is in the Cathedral. This icon was marked by miracles at the beginning of the XVII century.

Kazan, located in Suzdal. It is in the parish of the resurrection Church. This icon due to the phenomenon of the mother of God was written by one Shartunski pious monk of the monastery of Joachim, who lived in the XVII century. A monk lived near the Church in a hut, where he was buried.

“The miraculous icon of the blessed virgin. Their history and image”, amounted to FR Ivan bukarev. Moscow, Karavella, 1994 after publication: the Miraculous icon of the blessed virgin Mary (the History of ih and images). Made Archpriest I. Bukharev. Moscow, Tipo-Lithography G. I. Prost, Balchug, d. Simonov monastery. 1901

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