The Kyiv region was held a jubilee procession with the icon “Look down on humility”

The wonderworking icon “Look down on humility”

More than a thousand believers marched 47 miles in honor of the 25th anniversary of the apparition of the mother of God “Support to the humble”.

Traditional prayer procession in the capital of the deposition skete of the monastery of the village of tomashivka together with the icon of the Mother of God “Look down on humility” was held for the 18th time, according to THOMAS.

Many participants in the procession held in prayer about 16 hours, breaking for a few days at a distance of 47 kilometers.

July 13, before the procession was divine Liturgy in the Church in honour of Archangel Michael in the village of bilohorodka. After the Liturgy to Czestochowa asked the vicar of the Kyiv Metropolis Bishop Tikhon Gostomel, noting that the Lord chose them to bear witness of faith.

“You are an indirect testimony to the truth of the gospel, – said the vicar. – Because someone in our time to get to go 50 km? This suggests that our Orthodox faith is correct that in our Church the Holy Ghost lives, and He gives you the strength to carry exploits.”

The marchers sang hymns to the virgin and Christ carrying the cross and icon of Mother of God “Support to the humble” and “soothe my sorrows”.

Headed the procession, the vicar of the monastery, Bishop Damian and the Bishop of Alexandria and Svitlovodsk the Bogolep.

In comments to reporters, Archbishop Damian wished Ukrainians a solid standing in the Orthodox faith.

The route of the solemn procession passed through three districts of Kiev region: Kiev Svyatoshinsky, Makarov and Fastovsky. Of the deposition in the skit, the procession got night at 00.45 on 14 July. The monastery welcomed them with fireworks and the ringing of bells.

The wonderworking icon “Look down on humility” of the NINETEENTH century, stored in the Svyato-Vvedensky monastery of Kiev – a list of the wonderworking image of 1420, appeared on Stone lake in the Pskov region.

In Vvedensky Church of the Kiev image passed in 1992 by the nun Theodora (Totsky), a treasured icon for 55 years. In August 1993 the face of the blessed with the infant Christ miraculously imprinted on the glass of the frame (in this case the glass does not touch the icons).

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