The largest Church building in the world built in Nigeria

International gospel center “Dunamis” (Dunamis) in Nigeria has built the great hall for worship. Building capacity of 100,000 seats is superior to the Church building in a Lagos suburb “Tabernacle of faith”, which has 50,000 seats.

A new hall called the “Dome of glory” and enters a large complex called “the Garden of the Lord.”

“When God gives a commandment, He remains faithful — leads Charisma News the words of Dr. Paul Anene (Paul Enenche), senior pastor of the Church “Dunamis”. Only God could construct this building. He was faithful”.

According to the pastor that God gave him a revelation about the building, saying that it has to be near the airport and close to all — even foreign officials and presidents, I saw it from the road.

In honor of the opening of the building in Abuja, held an international conference, which was attended by leaders from 40 countries. Among the guests of the dedication were Dr. Morris Cerullo, Vice-President of Nigeria and pastor Yemi Osinaga, former President of Nigeria, goodluck Jonathan and others.

Despite criticism and opposition, the building was built without debt. In addition, the construction provided jobs, at a time when even civil servants have not been paid.

In response to criticism of the pastor Anens said, “They say, “Why are you building a big Church, but don’t build the factory?” We pay salaries to a large number of people. What about the 5-10 thousand people who worked in the construction of this building. They got their salaries.”

Eneh believes that this is only the beginning of what God will do in Nigeria and around the world.

“We see people come to see what the Lord has done, — said the pastor. — As soon as you enter a room, your mind expands and you dream big. “Dome of glory” will be used for the global Renaissance.”

Photo a press-services of the Church “Dunamis”


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