The “LC” has accused the Baptists of “extremism” and Pro-Ukrainian position – Your Bible

The leaders of the terrorist group “Luhansk people’s Republic” accused the “all-Ukrainian Union of churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists” in extremism.

As reported by the militant-controlled media, the so-called “Ministry of state security” supposedly “stopped” the activities of the organization.

In the occupied territory of Baptists called “extremist religious organization” and their activities “destructive.”

The Church has accused of evasion from “mandatory registration” and “preaching the ideas of seizure of power by the armed forces of Ukraine”.

In particular, believers are accused of close ties with “representatives of the Ukrainian nationalist armed formations”.

The militants believe that the organization’s representatives “were subjected to their parishioners psychological effects with the use of psychotropic drugs.”

The Baptists were found allegedly “extremist” materials to “incitement” and “justification of war crimes committed by Kiev’s security forces against peaceful residents of Donbass”.

In the spring of 2017 Russia is recognized extremist organization “Jehovah’s Witnesses”.

According to local media reports, in the occupied territories of Donbass “Jehovah’s Witnesses” also came under the ban.

In the summer of 2014 the representatives of “DNR” kidnapped and killed 4 protesters.

Ukrainian Pravda

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