The Lebanese President said the Ministry of the seventh-day Adventist Church

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The leaders of the Adventist Church paid a courtesy visit to President Michel Aun.

12 June 2018 delegation of eight people from Union Middle East and North Africa and the near East University visited the Palace of the President of Lebanon, accompanied by the newly elected MP (member of Parliament) Dr. Edgar Traboulsi.

His Excellency Michel Aoun President of Lebanon, took them.

Rick Mcedward, President of the regional headquarters of the Church, thanked the President for the country that provides that freedom of religion provided by the law.

President Aoun confirmed that Lebanon is a small in your region, but covers the whole world with their Diaspora, and he appreciated the community life of Muslims and Christians.

Macedward spoke with the President about the role of the Adventists in the service of society through educational work and humanitarian assistance, also mentioned our hope for the second coming of Christ.

He noted two secondary schools and especially middle East University, Sabtieh since 1939.

Further, Macedward emphasized long-term work of the Agency Adventist Development and relief (ADRA) for many refugees, particularly at the present time. ADRA is involved in the satisfaction of basic needs, in response to the refugee crisis.

President Aoun said that Lebanon highly appreciates all the work done in schools and at the University of the Middle East, to ensure quality education for our youth.

The President assured the delegation that he is happy to support our companies as they continue to do their job.

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