The local Church may initiate the Synaxis of the situation in Ukraine, the Russian Orthodox Church

In the ROC expect that all the Local Churches will respond to the question of autocephaly in Ukraine

The precedent that develops in Ukraine deserves any pan-Orthodox discussion, said the priest Alexander Volkov.

Local Churches can initiate a Synaxis on the question of the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church announced 28 September, the TASS press Secretary of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill, the priest of Alexander Volkov.

According to him, the ROC cannot initiate some kind of formal Church-wide discussion in the format of the Synaxis, because it is the prerogative of the first among equals – the Ecumenical Patriarch, which collects the Synaxis.

“There may be other forms, there are older Churches that can take it – said the priest. – If you look at the diptych, the next Patriarch of Alexandria or even the whole Cathedral so-called ancient Patriarchates of Alexandria, Jerusalem and Antioch, which, in my opinion, could have something to collect and to offer”.

According to father Alexander, even though some representatives of the Churches expressed an opinion on autocephaly in Ukraine, the situation requires a broader discussion.

“The precedent that is now developing, definitely deserved some kind of pan-Orthodox discussions, and Local Churches will feel a little weird, if not speak with certainty as to the actions being taken by the Patriarchate of Constantinople. It will be weird when in the minutes and days of joy of joint holidays are our brothers come to attest their love and loyalty, and in a situation when everything is tense and ambiguous, are more cautious,” – said the press Secretary of the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Previously, the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church has proposed to hold a pan-Orthodox discussion of the issue of granting autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church.

In turn, the Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa Theodore II and the Metropolitan of Warsaw and all Poland Savva appealed to do everything possible to avoid conflict over the creation of EPTS.

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