The local Church recognize the DNC in a month – Exarch Fanara

Archbishop Pamphylian Daniel (Zelinsky)

A month and a half ptsu recognize the Orthodox Churches of Greece and Romania, “and then the process will go,” said the Archbishop Pamphylian Daniel.

Some local Orthodox Churches will take time to recognize the new Ukrainian Church, but the big problems this is not expected – such point of view expressed in an interview with the BBC.the representative of the Patriarchate of Constantinople Archbishop Pamphylian Daniel (Zelinsky).

“The Russian Orthodox Church refuses to recognize, it’s understandable. he said in an interview. – Serbian, Polish, and Church of Antioch – these three structures, which will require time to work out the recognition of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.”

According to the Archbishop, the easiest way is to find common ground with the Polish Orthodox Church – “the rhetoric of change, and she is aware of its historical place in the bosom of Christ’s Church and Constantinople”. Exactly how should change the rhetoric of the Polish Church and how she “understands her place”, the Archbishop in an interview said.

However, he suggested that the whole process of recognition of the PCU is a matter of months, and the first recognition will occur no later than a month and a half.

“Bishop Epiphanius had already sent peace certificates – your public letter announcing his election – said the Hierarch of Constantinople. The present Greek Church, the Romanians will be one of the first, and then the process will go.”

He also stressed that any sanctions against Churches who do not recognize the autocephaly of the DNC, on the part of Constantinople would not apply.

“Constantinople will work with them to explain why it is necessary to recognize the Church of Ukraine. I don’t foresee big problems here. I think, Serbian, and Antiochian Churches we will find mutual understanding, you only need a little time. In these regions created by certain political conditions, so you need time to work with them”, – concluded the Archbishop of Pamphylian.

Earlier, the Archbishop of Pamphylian Daniel announced the completion of its mission as Constantinople Exarch in Ukraine, as “historical justice is restored” – the Ukrainian Church was granted its independence, and now the bishops, clergy and laity of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church can safely and without pressure to go to ptsu.

As reported by the SPM, earlier in mass media appeared information that the feast of the Epiphany “bishops” ptsu going to visit Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Church began to face pressure, including from Constantinople to take dissenters and concelebrated with them.

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