The President of Venezuela nicolás Maduro expresses its determination to rewrite the Constitution of the country, although 98% of voters rejecting the idea. In the tense political atmosphere of the country heard the voice of Evangelical Christians. in Venezuela, the growing humanitarian crisis. Christians use the power of prayer to change your country.

Opposition parties claim that a constitutional Convention is just an attempt by the socialist President to impose in Venezuela a dictatorship. Many in the country are on the limit, because for the past several months people suffer from food shortages and violent state control. This crisis prompted the Church of Venezuela to the action. With the approaching vote on squares across the country began to hear the prayers of the Christians.

“I think the Church has awakened. Believers understand the essence of the Venezuelan problem. Every Christian must become a participant in this process of change. Today we see joy in the streets. We see in people a desire for change and active presence in Venezuela of the Christian Church,” says Hugo díaz, a Movement to protect the Constitution.

A Venezuelan Christians believe that their country will prosper only when people ask for solutions, not to politicians, but to God.

“We have fasted before the Lord, asked that the heart of the people turned to Him. We decided to participate in this promotion, because it does not support any political party,” the pastor says josé Rivero, the Alliance of young leaders.
He argues that the government must obey the authority of God and the Constitution.

Meanwhile, Donald trump, former President of Mexico Vicente Fox and members of the European Union called on President Maduro to listen to the will of the voters and cancel the planned constitutional Assembly. President trump called the Venezuelan President “a bad leader who wants to become a dictator” and threatened to take “decisive and rapid economic action” against Maduro if he tries to rewrite the Constitution. Maduro said in response that do not obey the “Northern Empire.” In view of the possible economic sanctions and other difficulties Christians intervened in the conflict, to pray and to bring a ray of hope in the darkest period of economic and political turmoil.

“Venezuela, this is your hour! This is your time! At a time when many only see chaos, I think that Venezuela is no way out and that recovery will take a long time, God says, “I will raise you up. I bless you,” says Juan Maraver, the Council of Evangelical churches of Venezuela.

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