The solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will probably require a lot of time and effort by Netanyahu and the new U.S. Ambassador. Another important issue is the ongoing Palestinian terrorism inside Israel. Who is to blame? Some Palestinians believe that all the fault of the Israeli occupation, but in an exclusive CBN News report, some Palestinians blame the hopelessness and disappointment.

Corruption in the Palestinian authority may be the reason that young Palestinians commit terrorist acts.

“In General, people do not feel safe. If someone complains the Palestinian authority, or to someone who has attitude, the police did not receive complaints,” says Ahmed. He is one of the two million Arabs living under the control of the Palestinian authority in the West Bank, aka Judea and Samaria.
“Even if someone is strongly opposed to the Palestinian authority and complains about them, then the police that a man forced to withdraw the complaint, can threaten death or prison,” he continues.

The Palestinian government is in Ramallah since the inception in the mid 90-ies. The US has pledged assistance in the amount of 5 billion dollars and the Palestinians is one of the first places among the recipients of foreign aid.

“Sometimes I think that the Revolutionary Council is a gathering of corrupt officials and the Executive Committee is the Committee for the maintenance of corrupt politicians,” says Ahmed.

Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said that in Palestine there is no corruption: “Usually, if we receive information about corruption, these people come to justice. This is our policy. In any country, of course, possible mistakes. And if someone will do something similar, he or she will be punished.”

According to last year’s survey, over 95% of Palestinians consider their government corrupt.

“We have freedom of speech. The Palestinians can see everything,” says Rami Hamdallah.

“Everyone knows that if you complain, your life is in danger, – says Ahmed. – Policy of the Palestinian authority is that if there is a problem with an official or if the official demanded a bribe, the person must pay, even if he has no money. The Palestinian government and security services would oppose it, and man, no one will find protection.”

President trump has said he wants to conclude a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, but Ahmed argues that the problem is not the absence of peace.

“I want the West and the UN sent a delegation and someone impartial to investigate all the crimes against the Palestinians from the Palestinian authorities. I’m sure if justice will prevail, hundreds of perpetrators would be in prison,” he says.

Ahmed wants the West and the UN made the Palestinian authority to become an honest government, and until then, he says, there will be no state, and terrorism will not stop.

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