The main temple of the Russian Armed Forces will be built in the Park “Patriot”


The main temple of the Russian Armed Forces, build defense Ministry in Moscow Park of culture and leisure of the armed forces “Patriot”. This was announced by Russian defense Minister army General Sergei Shoigu.

“The defense Ministry implements the construction plan in the Park “Patriot” of the Main temple of the Armed Forces. This idea received the approval of the public, public authorities, military command, Supreme authority and was embodied in the visual concept of the project of the Temple complex,” – said Shoigu at the selector meeting in the Ministry of defence.

According to the Minister of defence, the temple will become the spiritual, educational and educational center for soldiers, Orthodox priests and Russian citizens. On site will house the exposition dedicated to the history of formation of the Russian state and the armed forces.


According to the materials of TV channel “Zvezda”

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