“The man seriously, no offense” – convince a woman like her husband is her child

“The man was harder to take a sick child, they are ambitious”, “don’t be angry with him, the child is always closer to mother than father,” “Men should be protected, it needs to be fed and calm,” familiar? This storehouse of “wisdom of women” opens up like an abyss under the feet of the woman who asks for advice and sympathy – “husband is not in the children.”

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  • If the good wizard watched special children
  • Every father of a sick child feels a sense of guilt
  • “He didn’t call me more than a fat cow” – like psychological violence kills marriage and family
  • Went on maternity leave and fulfilled the dream – like dad was sitting with the kids and get a new profession

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So this time I came across a story from the forum of mothers of children with autism. The father came from a business trip and took the whole family in cafe, senior special child started, and, leaving the mother the right to resolve the situation, my dad took Junior and then proudly walked away – “day is ruined”.

“No offense to him! Men are hard…” – woman was convinced like unusual in the family was an adult, not a child. You are accused that you are a rabid feminist, fighting for the right to go Topless in the streets, if you at least try to hint – to be a parent of a child with special needs is difficult and mom and dad. It is not known yet who are heavier. Usually someone who has no ability to hide at work, for example. Elementary change of scenery.

To adopt men became a kind tradition that pulls very bad consequences.

Yelled at? So is he at work tired! Men weak. Hit? He’s stressed! Women are not beaten, because softer. Changes? Well, they are polygamous, whatever you want!

My favorite argument of those who support lawyers Mature citizens, bearing full responsibility for their actions, “Now my husband is hard to wash the dishes. He does not accept. Washing dishes is not his. So what, he’s a man! But it works”. As if a woman is born with the superpower to blast from the frying pan of congealed fat. It’s like looking at little hands of his daughter, someone sighs with emotion: “They seemed designed for changing diapers, Ironing, cleaning and washing of cowards!”

Nobody created for this purpose. We are all created for heaven, and not domestic difficulties. No one is born a perfect parent, special child, the perfect buffing or dishwasher. And if breastfeeding really can only be a woman, and moving a huge concrete slab six-foot bodybuilder is easier than the slender ballerina, then two hands for washing dishes and the ability to raise a child, obviously, is almost everyone. But if not, it has nothing to do with gender.

I can see this woman who was waiting for her husband from a business trip with two children. Perhaps for her, this trip to the café was also welcome. And she decided all conflicts, while her husband was out of the house. “Now he will come and be easier!” almost surely, this is what she was waiting for. But he took a very simple job to pick up the child, who does not indulge, and escape to save the “broken day”. “Don’t be offended! He’s a man”, – “calm down” a woman. And comforted in vain.

Be offended! He’s your husband and it really hurt. He promised to be your most loyal friend he had to share sorrow and joy, to be in sickness and in health (under the disease should be understood not only SARS). Offense, talk, go together to the psychologist or the advice of a Confessor, not believe what the man expected something inaccessible to you – for example, extra holidays or unwarranted leniency in the allocation of household responsibilities.

Men are not “stronger” my friend is a powerlifter can lift the bar, which itself weighs more than other weak boys. Men are not “weaker” – the desire to be fed, rested and cheerful is distributed among the people equally.

To be charitable to one’s neighbor is not because of gender, but of tenderness and love, and this is the whole biblical message about the relationship of husband and wife. Love is to pull each other out of the hands of a dirty dish – “I will wash”, not when you pull in one direction only…

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