The mask drops, oxoline – what really works in the season of colds

How to protect yourself in a season of disease if known agents such as oxolinic ointment who to wear a mask and what to do if the whole day sitting in the office, where all sneeze like the internist and cardiologist clinic “Dawn” Oxana Dikur.


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1. In the season of colds in pharmacies disappears oxolinic ointment, grippferon — whether barrier protection?

Unfortunately, to date there is no drug that can protect against infection with acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI). The effectiveness of local funds, the type of oxolinic ointment, or of drops containing interferon or its components, currently not proven, these drugs do not protect against infection with respiratory viruses.

Of particular note is the flu virus. Influenza vaccination can significantly reduce the likelihood of disease. In addition, there are currently effective drugs for its treatment – oseltamivir and zanamivir, which, at the recommended dose, can also be used to prevent infection with the virus, especially after contact with a sick person.

2. Is there a protective effect of masks and who should wear them — sick or healthy?

The already ill individual should wear a medical mask. Wearing the masks if you are already sick, helping to significantly reduce the release of viruses in the environment, but if you are healthy, it will reduce the risk of infection.

Moreover, the effective normal hygiene measures such as hand washing, particularly after visiting of places of a mass congestion of people, for example public transport, because viruses can long remain in the dried saliva and discharge from the nose handrails, banisters and door handles.

3. Is there a real prevention when in closed spaces or in areas with large concentrations of people?

To do effective measures to prevent infection of SARS can be attributed to the frequent airing. It is important to note that the use of air conditioning can not be completely replaced. The air in the room should be not only fresh, but also moist. Enough moist air leads to dry mucous membranes and, as a consequence, to lower their resistance to respiratory viruses.

This recommendation is particularly relevant in winter, when the beginning of the heating season the air in almost any room becomes very dry. Therefore, the use of portable humidifiers can also serve as an effective measure to prevent SARS.

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