The meeting of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine: online

In Moscow held an extraordinary session of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church. His topic was “Ukrainian question”. Recall that the Patriarchate of Constantinople expressed his intention to unilaterally grant autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine and appointed two bishops Konstantinopolsky Church”Exarch” of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in Kiev. The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church strongly protested against these actions of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

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14.53 the Press service of the Patriarch writes the latest news in the telegram:

“Now there was a break, after which Synodal went back to work.

Metropolitan Onufry in constant communication, and video, and by phone. Sent to him all documents in edit mode, it makes its own corrections to the text and returns back.

In General, a stressful job, and this is another confirmation of the fact that Kiev and Moscow nothing and no one can break. Waiting for the outcome”

14.15 adjourned meeting, the briefing is postponed to a later time.

13.15 Patriarch Kirill said that the Patriarchate of Constantinople is not the first time supports a schism in the Russian Church

This was the Prelate said at the opening of the extraordinary session of the Synod dedicated to the “Ukrainian question”.

“What is happening now in connection with the premise of so-called exarchs, is a mirror image of what had made the Patriarch of Constantinople in the twenties, when our Church, headed by Patriarch Tikhon was in difficult conditions,” said Patriarch Kirill.

In this connection, Patriarch Kirill said that the Church “must follow the line, which is very bravely identified his Holiness Patriarch Tikhon in the hardest for our Church years and that is only right and canonically justified line.”

According to the head of the Russian Church, the Patriarch Tikhon “experienced serious pressure from the authorities.” At the same time gaining strength inspired by the power of the schismatic organization “Renovationist Church”. It was then that the Patriarch of Constantinople Gregory VII decided to send to Moscow the Commission allegedly at the request of some Orthodox.

“Naturally, the Russian Orthodox Church is no request to the Patriarch Gregory VII are not sent, and apparently was sent by the dissenters-by the Renovationists. Patriarch Tikhon wrote a very clear, canonically reasoned letter of protest to the canonical territory of the Russian Orthodox Church, which he headed, by the non-canonical was sent some Commission from another local Church,” said the Primate.


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