The memory of the crew of K-141 “Kursk”: the Names and faces

Prayer of the human soul we need to remember his name. But prayer is often very helpful also although some information about the deceased: it is easier for us to pray about whom we know little. We believe that the photograph of the crew of the submarine “Kursk” will help our readers to offer a prayer for the repose of the dead 18 years ago sailors.

  • “Kursk” went into oblivion in order to return from oblivion
  • In Russia remember the crew of the submarine “Kursk”
  • The cross in the place of death of the submarine “Kursk” (PHOTO)
  • “Kursk”. Holy week
  • “Kursk”: how it was

Camp headquarters

Captain 1st rank Vladimir bagryantsev T. – division chief of staff submarines, born in 1958, CWMU, military medical Academy im. N. G. Kuznetsova

Crimson Dyes Vladimir Tikhonovich

Captain 2 rank Balogun Viktor Mikhailovich – Deputy NEMS, 1960, SWMI

Balogun Victor M.

Captain 2 rank Sepetov Yury Tikhonovich – the flagship rocket, 1964, CWMU

Sepetov Yury Tikhonovich

Captain 2nd rank Isaenko, Vasily Sergeevich – assistant NEMS, 1961, SWMI

Isaenko, Vasily

Captain 3rd rank Murat Baigarin Aterovis – acting flagship miner, born in 1964, WAPP

Murat Baigarin Aterovis

The crew
The command of the ship

Captain 1st rank lyachin Gennady Petrovich – commander of the nuclear submarine 1955, WAPP

Lyachin Gennady Petrovich

Captain 2nd rank Dudko Sergey Vladimirovich – the senior assistant to the commander, born in 1969, WARE

Dudko Sergey Vladimirovich

Captain 2nd rank Shubin Aleksandr Anatolyevich – Deputy commander for educational work, 1959, SWMI

Shubin Aleksandr Anatolyevich

Lieutenant Repnikov Dmitry Alekseevich – assistant commander, 1973, WAPP

Repnikov Dmitry Alekseevich

Combat part-1

Captain-Lieutenant Safonov M. A. – commander of BCH-1, 1974, WAPP

Safonov M. A.

Lieutenant Tylek Sergey Nikolaevich – the commander ENG, 1975, WAPP

Tylik Sergey Nikolaevich

Lieutenant Bubnov Vadim Yaroslavovich – engineer ENG, 1977, Pb, VMI

Bubnov Vadim Yaroslavovich

The senior warrant officer of Rusli Alexander Vladimirovich – senior boatswain, 1976, p. Vidyaevo

Rusli Alexander

The senior warrant officer of Fesak Vladimir Vasilyevich – tech ENG, 1962, Donetsk region, Shakhtersk

Fesak Vladimir

Warrant officer Kozyrev Konstantin Vladimirovich – tech ENG, 1976, p. Vidyaevo

Kozyrev Konstantin

Warrant officer Polyanskiy Andrey – tech ENG, 1974, coach

Polyanskiy Andrey

Petty officer 2nd article of the contract service Leonov Dmitry Anatolyevich – squad leader helm, 1979, Moscow region, Yakhroma

Leonov Dmitry Anatolyevich

Sailor Myrtha Dmitry Sergeevich – steering signalman, 1981, Komi Republic, Ukhta

Myrtha Dmitry

Combat part-2

Captain 3rd rank , Silogava Andrey Borisovich – commander of BCH-2, 1970 R. KWMU

Silogava, Andrey

Lieutenant Shevchuk Aleksey Vladimirovich – the commander GU, 1974, WAPP

Shevchuk Aleksey Vladimirovich

Lieutenant Panarin Andrey Vladimirovich – engineer GU, 1975, Pb, VMI

Panarin Andrey Vladimirovich

Lieutenant Geletin Boris Vladimirovich – the commander of the Gauss, 1975, KWMU

Geletin Boris

Lieutenant Narrow Sergey – commander of the main operations control center, 1977, Pb, VMI

Narrow Sergey

Warrant officer Maxim Vishnyakov I. – techniques the main operations control center, 1977, Krivoy Rog

Vishnyakov Maksim Igorevich

Warrant officer Sergei Kislinsky Aleksandrovich – tech SG, 1974, Kostroma region, p. Taracha

Kislinsky Sergey

Petty officer 2nd article of the contract service , Annenkov Yuri A. – mechanic, 1979, Kursk region, D. Potasovka

Annenkov Yury

Sailor Kotkov Dmitry Anatolyevich – mechanic, 1981, Vologda region, Novinki

Kotkov Dmitry Anatolyevich

Sailor Pavlov Nikolay Vladimirovich – engineer in 1980, the Voronezh region, S. Leskovo

Pavlov Nikolay Vladimirovich

Fighting part-3

Senior Lieutenant Ivanov-Pavlov, Alexei Alexandrovich – commander BCH-3, 1977, Pb, VMI

Ivanov-Pavlov, Alexey

The senior warrant officer of Ilizarov Abdulkadir the Mirzayevich – the foreman of the team of torpedo, 1960, the Republic of Dagestan, S. Khuchni

Ildarov Abdulkadir The Mirzayevich

Sailor Nefedov Ivan Nikolaevich – the commander of the torpedo, 1980, Sverdlovsk region, S. Red Hill

Nefedov Ivan

Sailor Borisov Maxim Nikolaevich – torpedoman, 1981, Vladimir region, Murom

Borisov Maxim

Combat part-4

Captain 3rd rank Rudakov Andrey – commander warhead-4, 1968, TOWA

Rudakov Andrey

Lieutenant , Fitterer Sergey G. – commander of the GCS, 1976, KWMU

Fitterer, Sergey G.

The captain-Lieutenant Oleg Nasikovsky I. – the commander of gsas, 1971, KWMU

Oleg Nasikovsky I.

The senior warrant officer Chernyshov Sergey Serafimovich – tech GCS, 1968, Sevastopol

Chernyshev Sergey Serafimovich

The senior warrant officer Kalinin Sergey – tech HSAs, 1970 G. R., Kiev region, p. Lelaki

Kalinin Sergey

The senior warrant officer of Svechkarev Vladimir Vladimirovich -tech gsas, 1973, Nizhny Novgorod

Svechkarev Vladimir Vladimirovich


Captain 2nd rank Sablin Yuri Borisovich – commander of BCH-5, 1966 G. R., SWMI

Sablin Yuri

Captain 3 rank Murashev Dmitry Borisovich – commander of a DD, born in 1969, SWMI

Murashev Dmitry Borisovich

The captain-Lieutenant Kolesnikov Dmitry Romanovich – the commander of TG DD, 1973, higher naval engineering school

Kolesnikov Dmitry Romanovich

Lieutenant Vasilyev, Andrey Yevgenyevich – the commander of HECTARES of DD, born in 1972, higher naval engineering school

Vasiliev Andrey

Lieutenant Miklyaev Alexey Vladimirovich – engineer of the HA DD, 1977, s-Pb WMII

Miklyaev Alexey Vladimirovich

Lieutenant commander Pshenichnikov Denis Stanislavovich – the commander of the DGG-1, 1974, higher naval engineering school

Pshenichnikov Denis Stanislavovich

Lieutenant commander Lyubushkin Sergey Nikolaevich – the commander, CDB-2, 1972, higher naval engineering school

Lyubushkin Sergey Nikolaevich

Lieutenant , Sadilenko Sergey Vladimirovich – engineer of the DGG-1, 1975, higher naval engineering school

Sadilenko, Sergey

Senior Lieutenant Brazhkin Alexander Vladimirovich – engineer, CDB-2, 1977, higher naval engineering school

Brazhkin Alexander

Lieutenant of Arapov Rashid Ramusovic – the commander of TG DD, born in 1971, higher naval engineering school

Arapov Rashid Ramusovic

Captain 3rd rank Sawinski Ilya Vyacheslavovich – the commander of the ETD, born in 1969, higher naval engineering school

Sawinski Ilya Vyacheslavovich

Captain 3rd rank Belozerov Nikolai Anatolyevich -the commander of ETG, born in 1968, higher naval engineering school

Belozerov Nikolai Anatolievich

Senior Lieutenant Kuznetsov Vitaly Evgenyevich – the engineer, ETG-1, 1976, higher naval engineering school

Kuznetsov Vitaliy Evgenievich

Lieutenant Flaws Maxim A. – engineer, ETG-2, 1975, higher naval engineering school

Flaws Maxim A.

Captain 3rd rank Milyutin, Andrey Valentinovich – commander J., born in 1972, higher naval engineering school

Milyutin, Andrey Valentinovich

Lieutenant Solarev Vitaly Mikhailovich – commander of the HA J., born in 1974, higher naval engineering school

Solarev Vitaly Mikhailovich

Captain-Lieutenant Kokurin Sergey Sergeevich – the commander of TG J., 1973, higher naval engineering school

Kokurin Sergey

Senior Lieutenant Kirichenko Denis Stanislavovich – engineer J., born in 1976, higher naval engineering school

Kirichenko Denis Stanislavovich

The senior warrant officer Kuznetsov Viktor Viktorovich – the foreman of a team of turbinates, 1972, Kursk

Kuznetsov Viktor Viktorovich

The senior warrant officer of Cazadero Vladimir Aleksevich – tech turbines, 1967, Lipetsk

Cazadero Vladimir Aleksevich

Warrant officer Ishmuratov Fanis Malikovich – tech-turbinist, 1974, the Republic of Bashkortostan, D. Bahtigareev

Ishmuratov Fanis Malikovich

The senior warrant officer Borisov, Andrey Mikhailovich – tech HA DD, born in 1970, Ryazanskaya obl., s. Percino

Borisov Andrey M.

Midshipman Bulanov Alexey Gennadyevich – the foreman of a team bilge, 1978, Republic of Chuvashia, S. Anastasova

Bulanov Alexey

Warrant officer Vasily Ivanov Alimanovic – the foreman of a team of electricians, 1977, the Republic of Mari El, D., Zuccollo

Ivanov Vasily Alimanovic

Midshipman Salatov Vladimir Gennad’evich – technician-electrician, 1977, Yoshkar-Ola

Salatov Vladimir G.

The senior warrant officer Tsymbal, Ivan Ivanovich – electrical technician, born in 1970, Luhansk region., Makartetyne

Tsymbal, Ivan

The senior warrant officer Gorbunov Evgeny – tech-motorman, born in 1964, Nizhny Novgorod region, Zavolzhe, p.

Gorbunov Evgeny

Midshipman , Hivuk Vladimir Valer’evich – technician, 1974, Kursk region, S. Belica, the item the Pine forest

Hivuk, Vladimir V.

Midshipman Baiburin Valery Anatolyevich – the foreman of a team hold, in 1975, Chelyabinsk region, Kopeysk

Baiburin Valery Anatolyevich

Warrant officer Bochkov Mikhail – tech bilge, 1977, Sebastopol

Bochkov Mikhail Alexandrovich

Regardless of contract service , Gessler Robert Alexandrovich – commander of the Department of turbinates, 1978, Republic of Bashkortostan, p. West

Gessler Robert Alexandrovich

Petty officer 2nd article of the contract service Garden Vladimir Sergeevich – the commander of the Department of turbinates, 1979, Nizhny Novgorod region, p. Yuganets

Garden Vladimir Sergeevich

Sailor Dice Roman Vladimirovich – turbinist 1978 Kursk

Dice Roman Vladimirovich

Sailor Nekrasov Alexey Nikolaevich – turbinist 1981, Kursk region, p. Tim

Nekrasov Alexey

Sailor Martynov Roman V. – turbinist 1981, the Republic of Komi., Uhta

Martynov Roman V.

Sailor Sidewhen Victor Yu – turbinist, 1980 Republic of Komi., Uhta

Sidewhen Victor Yu.

Sailor Borisov, Yuri Alexandrovich – turbinist 1981, the Republic of Komi., p. Blahojeve

Borisov, Yuri Alexandrovich

Sailor Raids Ilya Evgenyevich – turbinist, 1981, Vologda region., Iacino

Raids Ilya Evgenevich

Petty officer 2nd article of the contract service Anikeev Roman Vladimirovich – spec. bilge, 1978, p. Vidyaevo

Anikeev Roman Vladimirovich

Chief petty contract service Maynagashev Vyacheslav Vissarionovich – spec. bilge, 1976, the Republic of Khakassia, p. the Lower Karlugas

Maynagashev Vyacheslav Vissarionovich

A sailor Alexey Korkin A. – spec. bilge 1981, Arkhangelsk

Korkin Aleksey Alekseevich

Chief petty contract service Neustroev Alexander Valentinovich – electrician, 1979, Tomsk region p. Loskutova

Neustroev, Aleksandr Valentinovich

Petty officer 1st article contract service Gubaidulin Resid Rashidovich – electrician, 1979, the Chelyabinsk region p. the Item

Gubaidulin Resid Rashidovich

Sailor , Donchenko Andrey electrician in 1979, Severodvinsk

Dovchenko, Andrey

Sailor Larionov Alexey – bilge 1981, Republic of Komi, city Emva

Larionov Alexei Alexandrovich

Sailor Shulgin Alexey Vladimirovich – bilge 1981, the Arkhangelsk region, Kotlas

Shulgin Alexey Vladimirovich

Sailor Traychev Ruslan Vyacheslavovich – bilge 1980, Cherepovets

Traychev Ruslan Vyacheslavovich

Sailor Starosel’tsev, Dmitry Vyacheslavovich – bilge 1980, Kursk

Starosel’tsev, Dmitry Vyacheslavovich

Sailor Halepa Alexander Valeryevich – turbinist 1981, Komi Republic, village Ust ‘ -Lyzha

Halepa Alexander V.

Sailor Loginov Igor V. – turbinist 1980, Republic Komi, p. Blahojeve

Sailor kolomeytsev Alexey Yurievich – turbinist 1980, Republic of Komi, town of Pyt-Yakh

Kolomiytsev Alexey


Captain 3rd rank of the Cages Alexander E. – commander warhead-7, 1967, TOWA

Cages Alexander E.

Captain-Lieutenant Loginov Sergey Nikolaevich – the commander of the GAG, 1973, TOWA

Loginov Sergey

Lieutenant Korovyakov Andrey Vladimirovich – engineer of the GAG 1,1976 G. R., WARE

Korovyakov Andrey Vladimirovich

Senior Lieutenant Korobkov Alexey Vladimirovich – engineer of the GAG 2,1975 G. R., WARE

Korobkov Alexey Vladimirovich

Captain-Lieutenant Rodionov Mikhail Olegovich – the commander of VG, 1973, WAPP

Rodionov Mikhail Olegovich

Lieutenant Erachin Sergey Nikolaevich – engineer VG, 1977, WERE

Erachin Sergey Nikolaevich

Lieutenant Gudkov Alexander Valentinovich – commander of the IRT, 1977, KWMU

Gudkov Alexander V.

The senior warrant officer Fedorichev I. V. – the foreman of a team of radiometrists, 1973, Tulskaya obl., g. Acisin

Fedorichev I. V.

Midshipman Tavolzhanskiy Pavel Viktorovich – tech GAG, 1976, Belgorod region, p. Klymenky

Tavolzhanskiy Pavel

Midshipman , Paramonenko Viktor Aleksandrovich – tech GAG, 1973, the city of Nikolaevsk

Paramonenko, Victor A.

Warrant officer Zubov Alexey Viktorovich – tech GAG, 1974, Dnipropetrovsk region, Pavlograd

Teeth Alexey Viktorovich

Warrant officer Belov, Mikhail Aleksandrovich – tech GAG, 1974, Nizhny Novgorod region, Bogorodsk

Belov, Mikhail Aleksandrovich

Midshipman Dirty Sergey Viktorovich – tech VG, 1978, Severodvinsk

Dirty Sergey Viktorovich

The senior warrant officer Vlasov Sergey Borisovich – technician GR RR, 1957, p. Vidyaevo

Vlasov Sergey

Medical service

Captain of medical service Stankevich Alexey Borisovich – head of the medical Department, 1974, VMA

Stankevich Alexey Borisovich

Warrant officer Romanyuk Vitaliy Fedorovich – Director, born in 1971, Sevastopol

Romaniuk Vitaliy


Captain 3rd rank Bessokirnaya Vyacheslav Alekseevich – head of himsley, 1970 G. R., SWMI

Bessokirnaya Vyacheslav Alekseevich

Warrant officer Oleg Troyan V. – technician x/s, 1971, Baku

Trojan Oleg

Warrant officer Rychkov Sergey Anatol’evich – technician h/C, 1965, Tashkent

Rychkov Sergey

The senior warrant officer Khafizov nail hasanovic – senior instructor, s/s, 1960, the Republic of Bashkortostan, C. slack

Hafiz Nail Hasanovic

Supply service

The senior warrant officer of Kichkiruk Vasily chief command logistics, 1967, Zhytomyr region, p. Staryi Maidan

Kichkiruk Vasily

The senior warrant officer Belyaev Anatoly Nikolaevich – senior Kok-instructor, 1954, Ryazan region, p. proletarian

Belyaev Anatoly Nikolaevich

Regardless of contract service Ancupov Salovat V. – squad leader of the kochs, 1977, Republic of Bashkortostan, Ishimbay

Ancupov Salovat V.

Sailor , Vitchenko Sergey Kok, 1980, Leningrad region, Kirovsk

Vitchenko, Sergey

Sailor Evdokimov Oleg Vladimirovich Kok, 1980, Kursk

Evdokimov Oleg

The secret part

Warrant officer Yakov Samovarov V. – head of the secret parts, 1977, the Arkhangelsk region, p. Lipovetsky

Yakov Samovarov V.

The senior warrant officer Erasov I. V. , PCA, 1965, Voronezh

Yerasov Igor


Senior Lieutenant Arnold Borisov Yu – senior engineer VP MO, 1976, WAPP

Mammad Hajiyev Ismailovich – the representative of the plant “Dagdizel”, 1958, Republic of Dagestan, S. Krug

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