The Ministry of culture denied the establishment of commissions for assessment of the UOC

The Ministry of culture trying to distance itself from the order to perform the valuation of the property of the temple of the UOC

The Ministry of culture has tried to shift responsibility for initiatives to establish commissions for the inventory of UOC to the user under the control of the Department.

The Ministry of culture said that have nothing to do with the creation of committees for assessment of communities of the UOC. This is stated in the reply of Department to inquiry of “the Ukrainian truth” published on September 26.

The Ministry of culture emphasized that are guided by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

“However, we assume that the order of the Director of the National reserve Glukhov Music I. V. No. 71 dated September 18, 2018, was issued as a result of consideration of the appeal of the Deputy Shukhevych Y. R. 04 September 2018 No. 04-35/sh-040918 about the threat of export of historical and cultural values of the religious buildings of the UOC”, – noted in Department.

At the same time, the Chairman of the legal Department of the UOC Archpriest Oleksandr bakhov questioned these statements, Recalling that in the letter of the General Director of the reserve to the head of the Transfiguration the community of the UOC clearly stated: “the Commission on accounting and registration of historical and cultural values” was created “pursuant to faxogram of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine from 18.09.2018, No. 18/18”.

“The culture Ministry gave instructions to carry out certain activities, – quotes the words of father Alexander, the outreach Department of the UOC. – Besides the reserve, subject to Ministry of culture and they simply could not fulfill these instructions”.

According to the head of the legal Department of the UOC, the Ministry of culture has not refuted the facts stated in the letter, but decided to shift the blame for the scandalous illegal actions of his Department on his leadership.

“Moreover, the basis for the emergence of order on census and property records of the UOC was just Fax, not an appeal to people’s Deputy”, – said the priest.

Informed the clergy of the UOC in the Sumy region received letters from the National reserve “deaf” about creation of the Commission, which will evaluate the assets of communities of the UOC. Letters were sent under the Directive of the Ministry of culture.

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