The Ministry of culture is sponsoring the bloody paganism

With the approval of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation residents of the village of Bolshaya Kocha in Perm region in late August will hold , which includes the sacrifice of a bull and bathing in his blood, flowing into the river.

The ceremony will be held in the framework of inter-municipal festival of Komi-Permyak ritual (associated with pre-Christian religious beliefs of Komi) culture “Rollover”, money that is allocated by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

The last time this bloody ritual was performed in the Kama area nine years ago. Yearling bull give birth in the water and cut his throat. After that, the villagers bathe in the bloody water and eat the cooked meat of the sacrificial animal.

One of the organizers of the festival Vasily Gagarin explained that all this time the residents of greater Kochi conducted the ceremony on their own: mostly, slaughtered sheep or roosters.

The villagers are well off, sacrificed a bull.

“The ritual requires a year-old bull. Color doesn’t matter. After the slaughter of the bull people wash face and affected area with water from the river Onolva, a paddle in the water on his knees. Water is considered curative. But to drink it. The meat is cooked — as it is sacrificial, without salt and spices. The cooked meat is distributed among people. The part you need to eat on the shore, while mentally ask for help and protection of the ancestors. Some will take it home and usually dried and retain until the Semik or Saturday to bring to the graves of ancestors,” — said Gagarin.

According to the responsible for the festival from the Ministry of Yulia Kasatkina, the office did not know that the ceremony will be held. It was included in the program as the Day of the village with the condition that Bikeboy will not advertise, says “”. To buy the bull, the Ministry of culture refused.

Bikeboy held on August 31. In 1914 the sacrifice of the Komi Republic was banned by the authorities of the Russian Empire, however, in 1993, the Russian authorities have revived.


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