The Ministry of culture of Ukraine failed to conceal their involvement in a situation with an inventory of property of the UOC


Confirmed the involvement of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine to the situation with the seizure of property of religious communities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Faxogram Department, regarding “conduct and registration of historical and cultural values” in temples of the UOC, published by “Ukrainian news” 17 October 2018, according to the portal “Orthodox life” with reference to Information and education Department of the UOC.

In response, the Ministry of culture at the request of the publisher “UNIVERSITY” it is noted that this order was made as a response to the appeal of people’s Deputy Yurii-Bohdan Shukhevych “regarding possible threats of illegal export of cultural values from religious buildings, the Orthodox Church.” According to the document, first and foremost, the description should be in Pochaev and Kiev-Pechersk Laurels.

It is worth noting that almost a month ago, the Ministry of culture has denied any involvement in the initiative with a description of the assets of the UOC, which became known thanks to decent Spaso-preobrazhenskogo khrama g. Glukhova Archpriest Alexy Radionova.


Commenting on the situation, head of the Legal Department of the UOC Archpriest Oleksandr bakhov once again stressed: “All the property that is in the temples of the UOC, is the property of religious communities. Even if the building is owned by the state and is in use, this does not entitle the authorities to encroach on the property of religious communities.”


According to the lawyer, “to explore “historical and cultural value” officials can only in the case that a certain property was transferred to storage or use by a religious community, as evidenced by the relevant documents – contracts, acts of reception-transmission”.

Archpriest Alexander bakhov convinced that the Ministry of culture is expected to use a certain legal ignorance of the clergy and the faithful, “to rewrite all of the property and later, on occasion, to try to seize it for their own purposes – just like in Soviet times”. This is evidenced by the use of the phrase “historical and cultural value”, which is absent in the Ukrainian legislation.

The clergy and faithful of the UOC lawyer warns: “if the Commission will come to the temple with the purpose of the description of the property, you have every right not to let them even on the threshold”. “The actions of officials of the Ministry of culture are illegal, as they do not have the right to consider and to describe someone else’s property,” – said Archpriest Oleksandr bakhov.

According to him, the officials themselves are well aware, as evidenced by the attempt to avoid responsibility for their illegal actions taken a month ago.

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