The Ministry of culture took the community of the UOC in the Village to “not applicable”

The liturgical activity of the Church in the Village continued.

The believers of the Village found that the list of religious organizations that are subject to renaming, in front of their community is marked “not valid”.

List of religious organizations in accordance with the expertise of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine should provide information on “relations with an aggressor country” in their statutes, brought an unexpected surprise Holy cross community of the UOC of the village of uhryniv Gorokhovsky district, Volyn region. The list of organizations published in “Uriadovy courier”, opposite the name of the community is marked “not valid”. About it the correspondent of the SPM.

Where in the list of religious organizations in Volyn region the information came from is unknown. Request to the register of legal entities have shown that in the database of the Ministry of justice of the community of the UOC of the village of uhryniv remains in effect and is not in the process of suspension. As explained by the rector of Holy cross parish, Archpriest Rostislav Cobbler, that’s incorrect information and could not be included in the official registry.

“In accordance with our Charter, to stop the activities of the community can only be the decision of the diocesan administration” – quoted the priest, the text of the statutory documents.

The most interesting thing in this case, the fact that a subordinate of the same Abbot of the community of the UOC in honor of the job of Pochaev, was in the neighboring village of Dubova Korchma, “not current” is not recognized. Although temple this organization is not, the parishioners go to worship the father Rostislav in uhryniv.

The same marked “not valid” is next to the name of Svyato-Vvedensky of the community UOC Pechykhvosty village of the same district of Volyn. Although now she as well as ugrinovski parishioners, no access to the temple, worship is still performed in a private home. According to the register of legal persons is stopped and its official activities.

We will remind, communities of the UOC villages Pechykhvosty village and the Church suffered from the raiders in 2014. The whole time of divine service in these parishes who lost their churches, did not stop, although in Pechykhvosty due to the departure of the rector in another deanery service was held every Sunday.

The third village in this area – Stril’che – why something is in the list “renaming”, though here the rector of St. Vladimir UOC community agreed to submit to the jurisdiction of the Kyiv Patriarchate. However, we remind you, all this time in the Volyn diocese of the UOC-KP did not bother to re-register the community in Stril’che itself. As a result, she also got a list of “objectionable” organizations that want to rewrite its Charter, as an option, “the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine.”

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