The Ministry of health conducts a census of hospital churches, chapels and prayer rooms

Prayer room Holy great Martyr and healer Panteleimon at CRH Krasnoarmeysk

The people’s Deputy of Ukraine reported that the Ministry of health conducts a survey to monitor the pastoral Ministry in the public health institutions.

The Ministry of health of Ukraine sent to all accountable institutions “survey on the introduction of chaplaincy in the public health institutions”, said in Facebook the people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Mykhailo Dobkin.

“This questionnaire is circulated by the MoH to all public health institutions (ZOZ ukraïnskoyu). How to comment don’t even know! Before my eyes another example of gross interference by the state in religious matters. This is very similar to the job of the AP (Administration of the President – SPM) to conduct a departmental inventory of Church buildings,” – said the politician.

The MP attached to his post sample survey in which Agency staff included 19 points.

To the question, “what denomination are the users of places of worship, which is located on the territory of health” (p. 11), offered these response options: UOC, UOC-KP, the UAOC, the UGCC, the Roman Catholic Church, another denomination.

Then follows a paragraph about the owner of a religious structure (p. 12). Among the answers to this question, the authors test questionnaire referred to the state and municipal form of ownership, and also suggested that the structure may belong to and directly religious organization.

Invited respondents to the question about whether access to the iconic building on-site health care facilities for alternate use of “other faiths” (p. 13).

Asked the Ministry of health also inter-confessional conflicts (p. 14) and violations of priests and regulations and sanitary-epidemiological regime (p. 15).

The respondents were asked whether they consider it necessary the existence of a normative legal act that would regulate the activities of priests in hospitals (p. 18), and the introduction of positions for chaplains (p. 19).

According to Dobkin, the conduct of such a survey “is akin to started earlier by the Ministry of culture of the census of icons and relics in their Laurels”.

“And all this happens against the background Sbushny searches of the bishops and priests of the UOC, boorish threats and attacks by the President in address to any denomination, and his own statements on camera about religious freedom in Ukraine. The hypocrisy of clean water! Further their goal is clear,” wrote the MP.

In November 2018 in Exactly subordinate of the Ministry of health has posted on social networks photos and videos made within the framework of the flashmob in support of the EOC “I am for unification Council, and I advise you to be true Ukrainians, and the worthy “Yes” Ukrainian unification Council” – with these words the head of one of medical institutions of the city of Rivne turned to his staff. His colleague from the Centre for primary health care “Jubilee” said that “if people hear about God in the Ukrainian language will become healthier.”

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