The mission “Christ is the answer” prepares evangelicals for Ukraine

Mission “Christ is the answer” holds conferences for Ukrainian evangelicals. At these outreach meetings, the missionaries rest, spiritually refreshed and share skills for evangelism.

In October in the Carpathians (Iltsi village, Ivano-Frankivsk region) was held a regular conference of the mission “Christ is the answer”. The missionaries and their families from five regions of Ukraine for the second time gathered themselves together. For four days they held meetings to share lessons learned. Sounded great number of sermons, prayers, testimonies and songs, but the main goal of the Congress — exchange of skills for evangelism throughout the territory of Ukraine, the spiritual reinforcement of missionaries.

“Today I stand on the highest point of Ukraine. Thank God for the opportunity. Four years ago, I could not imagine what might be here. Thank Him for everything!” — shared missionary Alexey Samokhin (Petrovskoye village, Mykolaiv region), a former drug and alcohol addicts.

Hiking, fun excursions and walks in the fresh air was given the opportunity to rest, because the Ministers of the mission work every day in prisons, hospitals, educational institutions, lead people to God. Missionaries also pay a lot of attention addicted to alcohol and drugs, people from dysfunctional families, refugees.

“We have the desire to continue similar activities to join forces and to work effectively for God. Want to ignite other people and encourage them to missionary service for Jesus Christ’s sake,” said Taras sen, head of the mission “Christ is the answer” (Rivne).

The main activities of the mission, the opening of new churches and spread God’s Word among the people of different ages and social strata. Volunteers organize children’s parties, organize free medical stock with the participation of ophthalmologists and giving away glasses to people with visual impairments, give Christian literature, transported people in need of rest.

The press service of the mission “Christ is the answer”

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