The monastery of the UOC will challenge in court the right are Happy to Fanaru for Tomos

The religious community of the UOC addressed with claims in court

Two religious communities of the UOC addressed with claims in court challenging the right of the Verkhovna Rada to appeal to the Patriarch of Constantinople with a request to Tomos ETC.

Lawsuits were filed by community Gorodnitsky, St. George’s monastery (Zhytomyr region) and the temple in honor of St. Nicholas of the diocese of Berdyansk, “Vesti”.

“We believe the regulation (adopted on 19 April 2018) unlawful in the following circumstances… Question for which a resolution is purely a matter of Church order and governance. And part 3 of article 35 of the Constitution, Church and religious organizations in Ukraine are separated from the state”, – reads the statement of claim of the Svyato-Georgievsky monastery.

It is noted that the internal management of the UOC does not provide for the participation of the state, “however, the state in the person of the defendant, instead of to adhere to the requirements of the Law and to respect the traditions and internal regulations of the UOC, openly and flagrantly interfere in them.”

The second petition Berdyansk communities are some examples of activities of European court on human rights, in particular, the “S. A. S. versus France”, in which the ECHR found the state entitled to only an indirect impact on matters of religion, in that case, if the intervention is indirect, and only in the interests of security of the whole society.

The statement of claim notes that the Gorodnitsky monastery and the people of Berdyansk demand to recognize illegal and to cancel the decision are Glad about the appeal to Patriarch Bartholomew.

As reported by PWC, informed the District administrative court of Kiev made the claim of public organization “Rule of law” as to the jurisdiction of the authorities of Ukraine to interfere in the activities of the Church.

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