The most famous app Bible YouVersion was 10 years old – Your Bible

The Bible app was officially presented on 10 July 2008, when it debuted in Apple’s AppStore as one of the first app? available for the iPhone.

YouVersion mobile app for Bible study available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and 6 operating systems. according to CNL

The app contains the 1492 version of the Bible on 1074 languages, audiobible for popular versions, more than 800 Bible reading plans, the ability to take notes, motivators and many other functions.

The app has more than 330 million devices worldwide.

YouVersion was founded by Bobby Grunewald and the Church Life.Church in 2008. In the state employs more than 35 staff and over 1000 volunteers.

“Since the establishment in 1996, the purpose of Life.Church is to lead people to full devotion to Christ. In the process, we are looking for new ways to help people on a daily basis to connect his life with the Bible. Our methods have changed over time, due to the fact that we used different technologies and strategies. But in fact, we focusareas and continually strive to the demonstration and training people how the Word of God is connected with all, regardless of who are the people in my life,” — said on the app website.

In November 2013, an application was submitted “Bible for children”, which is already available in more than 30 languages. For the first week after the app install it on a million devices

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