The mother of a disabled child: “I was asked how old I kolyus”

The mother of a disabled child Catherine Connova accused of drug trafficking for selling unnecessary drugs for epilepsy purchased from intermediaries. She said “Pravmiru” as it happened.

Ekaterina Konnova. Photo: screenshot of REN TV

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Diazepam in microclyster Ekaterina Konnova purchased an ad on the Internet for my 6 year old son Arseniy — he has congenital atresia (absence) of the esophagus and the regular epileptic and dystonic attacks after twice experienced clinical death. The medicine was not effective enough, so Catherine decided to sell the remainder of her five mikroklizm at a reduced price. During the transfer of the money, she was detained by police who have charged the woman charged with drug trafficking.

“June 18, I was selling these drugs, and on June 19 had filed a criminal case on charges of drug trafficking, – said Ekaterina correspondent “Pravmir”.

– When the police came, I did not understand what was happening. They told me to go to the car, I went. They asked horrible questions, I answered.

I was asked how old I inject, what drugs are used, where I got the drugs and why they sell. I asked them why they think I have drugs and I’m a junkie. Then they pointed to a box of diazepam, and said that it is in the list of prohibited substances.

I didn’t know that it can open a criminal case. If I had known, I would never sell it. I bought it under the counter. On the Internet there are forums dedicated to epilepsy. There are many such moms like me. We are not addicted, we just all ways looking for ways to anesthetize your child.

In the division I did not hold, immediately released under recognizance not to leave. Okay, I’m not very comfortable feel. I need to do other things, you have to take care of their children, and I have to wander who knows where. Bad I feel. And there are no guarantees as the outcome of this case.”

Children’s hospice “the house of the lighthouse,” spoke out in defense of Catherine. Representatives of the organization believe that the criminal case against mom of disabled child needs to be covered. In addition, the children’s hospice appeal for Russia the possibility of legal acquisition and use of drugs against epilepsy. Petition in defense of Catherine Connoway posted on the website

Catherine with children

Representatives of hospice note that even if the period for routine proceedings is conditional, it will greatly complicate the lives of families-mothers, as it will no longer take on work and she can not take the sick child for treatment abroad.

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