The mother of an Elder told me that she thinks about God and justice

Valentina Pavlovna The Elder

Valentina Pavlovna, the mother of writer and journalist Oles Elder, urged all not to go against the conscience. She believes that conscience is God.

Mother of slain journalist says that if someone arrives not on conscience, it simply cries out to God. She told about it in interview “Pershoho Cossack”.

“I want to urge everyone: don’t go against conscience. Conscience is God. And sooner or later you will be punished. And if you don’t – that’s worse: your children and grandchildren. But it never will be consequences,” she said.

She told reporters that he will definitely seek justice against the murderers of the son and will not die until this happens: “no One has the right to deprive a person’s life. Everything must go by the law of the Constitution!”

According to her, now people have to go to Church. The woman advises: “If they are believers – may they live according to the commandments of God, as He commanded. And other way we have. We need to be together. And we must listen to what He advise. And He gave us advise – I’m sure of it.”

The murder of an opposition journalist and writer-historian Olesya Elderberry reaches its fourth year. June 15 held a regular hearing of the indictment in the presence of the jury. At the end of the session the court postponed for two months, on August 9, for a formal occasion – the jury did not provide timely documents. The trial progresses almost exclusively thanks to the persistence of the mother Elderberry.

Olesya Elder was shot from a pistol TT April 16, 2015, near his home on the street in Kiev. According to police, the killers were two masked men. The car of criminals with Italian numbers later found abandoned in the Shevchenko district of the capital. Any evidence pointing to the identity of the killers never found. The police believes that the murder has custom-made character and is connected with the professional activities of a journalist.

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