The mother of God icon “the Sign”: the history, prayers

The Mother Of God Icon “The Sign”

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The mother of God icon “the Sign” – revered by the Russian Orthodox Church on December 10 the image of the virgin with the Divine child. The details in the article!

The Mother Of God Icon “The Sign”

This icon depicts the virgin, seated and prayer podyemnye hand; on her breast, against the background of a circular shield (or sphere) — the blessing of the Divine Infant — the Saviour-Emmanuel. This image of the virgin is among the very first of Her iconographic images.

The story of the Mother of God icon “the Sign”

Mother of God, known under the name “the Sign”, appeared in Russia in the XI — XII centuries, and to be called began after the miraculous sign from the Novgorod icon, which occurred in 1170.

In that year the allied forces of Russian appanage princes, headed by the son of the Prince of Suzdal Bogolyubsky, came under the walls of Great Novgorod. Novgorod prayed, asking the Lord not to leave them. On the third night he heard the Archbishop of Novgorod Elijah wondrous voice, commanding him to take from the Church of the Transfiguration on Ilyina street the image of the blessed virgin Mary and to bring it to the city wall.

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When the icon was transferred — the enemies allowed in the procession cloud of arrows, and one of them pierced the iconographic face of the mother of God. From Her eyes trickled tears, and icon turned its face to the city. After this Divine sign on the enemies suddenly attacked inexpressible terror, they began to beat each other, and taking encouragement from the Lord Novgorod fearlessly rushed into battle and won.

In remembrance of the miraculous intercession of the Queen of Heaven, Archbishop Elijah then established a feast in honor of the Sign mother of God, which to this day celebrates the Russian Orthodox Church.

Numerous lists Sign icon are known throughout Russia. Many of them are glorified by miracles in local churches, and were named for the place of the phenomenon of miracles.


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Troparion, tone 4

Thou invincible wall and source of miracles,/ stagewise Thee, to Thy most pure Theotokos,/ suprotivnyy militia struck down. / Thus we pray to Thee, / the world is our homeland grant // and our souls grace.

Kontakion, tone 4

Come vernie, light Yes celebrate / honorable image of Bogomateri a great phenomenon / and of grace pokerpulse, / pervokrasnoe fondly vozovik: // rejoice, o Mary Theotokos, mother of God, Blessed.


O Holy and blessed Mother of our Sweetest Lord Jesus Christ! They bow down and worship You before the Holy miraculous icon of Thy Vospominanie miraculous sign of Thy intercession, the great Novegrad from Ney manifested in the days of the military in this city invasion. Humbly we pray Thee, Almighty kind of our intercessor: as of old to help our father hastened thou, tacos and now us, weak and sinful, obscene vouchsafe Thy intercession and blagopoluchiya. Save me, lady, under cover of the mercy of Thy Holy Church, hail Your (Your abode), our entire country is Orthodox and all of us, cling to You with faith and love, tenderly, with tears asking for Your intercession. She, the mistress of the all-Merciful! Miloserdiya to us, overwhelmed by the sins of many, stretch forth to Christ the Lord Bogopriimets Your hands and predstatelstve for us before His virtue, we are asking for forgiveness of our sins, the piety of the peaceful life, a good Christian death and a kind of dreadful response to the Court, Yes, Your spacemy Almighty to his prayer, heavenly bliss inherit and with all the saints will sing Righteous, and Velikolepie Dostoyaniem the Name of the Trinity, of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit, and Your ruling to us mercy forever. Amen.

Revered miracle-working copies of the icon

“The sign” Abalance (1637) – celebrating 20 July/2 August and 27 November/10 December

The “sign” of Kurskaya-Korennaya (1295)– a celebration of September 8/21, November 27/December 10 (1295) and the 9th Friday after Easter, March 8/21 (list 1898).

“The sign” Seraphimo-Ponetaevsk (1879) – the celebration on 27 November/10 December.

“The sign” Tsarskoye Selo (XVII century) — the celebration on 27 November/10 December.

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