The Nativity of the blessed virgin in 2018 – September 21

The Nativity of the blessed virgin in 2018 – September 21

The Nativity of the blessed virgin in 2019 – September 21

The Nativity of the blessed virgin in 2020 – 21 Sep

The Nativity of the blessed virgin in 2021 – September 21

On the Nativity of the blessed virgin is not written in Scripture, the details of his is known from the apocryphal text the middle of the II century “Protevangelium of James”.

The story of the Nativity of the blessed virgin

According to the existing Tradition, the place of the Nativity of the virgin Mary, is in Jerusalem. However, in the Russian Orthodox Church has spread the version, followed by St. Dimitri of Rostov: the fact that the parents of virgin Mary lived in Nazareth and there she was born.

In the mountainous region North of Jerusalem, on the slope of one of the mountains around Azdelinski valley, lay Nazareth. It was a small town, nothing in the history not show why the Jews even a little contemptuously spoke of him, saying, “From Nazareth can there be anything good?”

In that town lived a pious couple Joachim and Anna, whom the Lord had chosen to become the progenitors of the Savior of the world. Joachim was descended from the house of king David, and Anna from the priestly tribe. Niece Anne, the righteous Elizabeth, later became the mother of John the Baptist and cousin of the expectant virgin Mary.

Joachim was a man of wealth, having a large number of cattle. The whole life of this righteous couple, despite the wealth, was imbued with the spirit of reverent love for God and charity for others. For these qualities they enjoyed universal love and respect. Distressed them, however, one grief: they were childless, that the Jews were considered a sign of God’s punishment. They continually asked God to send them joy in the child, although already in old age they had little hope for it. Joachim was especially upset with his beschadigen and one day, bringing his gift to God, he heard from some of his hard reproach: “Why did you first want to bring their gifts to God? You’re unworthy as barren!” From the great grief, Joachim went into the desert for fasting and prayer.

On hearing this, the righteous Anna, recognizing yourself the culprit of their buscade, too, groaned and became even harder to pray to God that He heard her and sent her a child. In one of these prayer points appeared to her the angel of the Lord said, “Thy prayer is heard by God, and you shall conceive and bear a daughter, blessed above all earthly daughters. For Her sake will be blessed all the families of the earth. Call Her Maria.”

Hearing these joyous words, the righteous Anna bowed to the angel and said, “as the Lord my God! If I do born child, I will give him to the Lord for service. Let it serve Him, praise His name all my life!”

The same angel of the Lord appeared and righteous Joachim, telling him: “God graciously accepted your prayer. Your wife Anna shall conceive and bear a daughter, for whom the whole world will rejoice. Here is the sign of loyalty to my words: go to Jerusalem, and there at the Golden gate you will meet your wife.”

Saint Joachim immediately poisoned to Jerusalem, taking with them gifts like sacrifices to God and for priests.

Came to Jerusalem, Jehoiakim met his wife Anna, as predicted by the angel, and they told each other everything, told them, and after spending some time in Jerusalem, returning home to Nazareth. After the set period of chrevosechenie righteous Anna gave birth to a daughter who was named Mary, as the angel commanded her.

After one year St. Joachim made a feast, which was convened by the priests, elders and all of their friends. At this feast, he raised his Blessed Daughter and showing all, asked the priests to bless It.

The conception of St. Anna is celebrated by the Church on 9 December, calling it the conception of the glorious and Holy. However, the Orthodox Church does not recognize this conception of the immaculate and virgin, as taught by the Catholic Church, which in the 19th century proclaimed the dogma of the “Immaculate conception.” Among Catholics there were objections to this doctrine, why Tridentcom the Cathedral it was considered just an opinion. But in 1854 Pope Pius the 9th was elevated opinion of the immaculate conception of the virgin Mary in the degree of dogma, not having any data neither in the Scriptures nor in the teachings of the Church Fathers.

The Orthodox Church only the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ recognizes blameless, because He was born miraculously from the Holy spirit and the virgin Mary. The virgin Maria was born naturally and though personally he was sinless, still had a nature corrupted by sin grandparent, and because She needed redemption. According to St. Ambrose, “of all those born of women only absolutely Holy one: our Lord Jesus Christ, Who according to special new way of immaculate birth, did not experience earthly injuries.”

In Orthodox theological literature there are many treatises directed against the immaculate conception by St. Anna of the virgin Mary. We will quote only the opinion of Professor of the Kiev Theological Academy, FR. M. I. Skvortsova, said, “the gospel testifies, that St. The spirit descended upon St. The virgin and overshadowed Her, and therefore born from Her is Holy, perfectly pure, without sin. Whether it is necessary therefore, to SV. The maid Herself was born without defect? Not because She was Holy, but because of the descent on Her SV. Ghost*** (the phrase is not complete). The tradition indicates that the mother of God was necessary preparation in the Church 3 years of age. The original sin was not able to develop It. Education at the temple and prayer have cleaned It all out. The final consecration was the day of the Annunciation. But how could be cleansed of original sin, when not yet the atonement was made? The mystery of the blessed Seed of the woman, destined from the beginning. The Grace Of The Holy. Spirit could put in the moment of conception the son of God the whole being of the mother of God to such heights of humility and reverence that conception involved nothing human is corrupt.”

Bishop Alexander Mileant

The Nativity of the virgin – the great consolation for the childless spouses. The Nativity day opens the Church year – the entire history of the New Testament begins with the birth of a little girl, Which will be called the Throne of God, which will be the Door through which the Savior of the World Christ.

The Birth Of The Virgin. Serbian song

Troparion of Nativity , tone 4

Your Christmas Bogoroditse Devo, joy to build the entire Selena: You Bo shone the Sun of righteousness Christ our God, and destroying the oath, gave the blessing, and abolishing the death, gifts us eternal life.

Christmas Thy virgin mother, announced joy to the whole universe, for from You shone forth the Sun of justice Christ our God, and destroying the curse, gave blessing, and by destroying death, gave us eternal life.

Kontakion of the Nativity, tone 4

Joachim and Anna vilification of buscaglia, and Adam and eve from aphids smertnye osvoboditsya, immaculate, Holy Christmas Your. Some people celebrate Thy guilt, delivered from sin, thy transgressions, vsegda call Ti: naledi and bringeth forth the Theotokos who sustains our life.

Joachim and Anna were freed from the reproach of childlessness, and Adam and eve from smurnoj the death of Your Holy Birth, most pure one. It is celebrated and Your men, get rid of the burdens of sin, loudly exclaiming to You: the barren gives birth to the mother of God, who of our Life.

The Exaltation Of The Nativity

We magnify Thee, o all-Holy virgin, and we honor Your Holy parents, glorious and praise Your Christmas.

The Nativity Of The Virgin

“Thy prayer is heard!… You have a daughter!”. The Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin

Natalia Sukhinina

Was born a girl in the family… the Usual phrase life event. But how small, how dull seem these words, if you take them to the event two thousand years ago, when the family of the righteous Joachim and Anna had long awaited that was prayed in tearful prayers daughter. It’s now we’re talking -Holy mother of God, ever-virgin Mary, mother of God… And then – a seemingly normal child, clean, reverent, trustingly looked into the world a gift from my parents and elderly parents rejoiced, looking at Her, and thanked God for old age comfort. Was born a girl in the family… But Her birthday is now celebrated as Christmas.

The birth of Jesus Christ know? – Do you know we are Christ’s Christmas! – And yet another Christmas is in the middle of September, in the last days of summer warmth and the first tentative news of an approaching cold…

No Christmas frost, but it is Christmas. No garlands hung with trees, but there is Christmas. And cards Christmas with a generous wishes do not fly the carrier pigeons for mother Russia, but it is Christmas. Quiet on earth light and calm. And quietly sing the Christmas troparion: “Your Nativity, o Theotokos virgin, joy to build the Universe.” Was born a girl in the family, His birth – Christmas has taught us the silence of the soul and modesty of intentions.

Frequent complaints about the scarcity of positive examples for our children. There are no teachers, no individuals willing to lead, to teach what is good and strengthen unsteady baby showers. And Joachim and Anna?! Encyclopedia of family life in which every act, that is science. To accept. Love. Hope. To believe. They were despised for childlessness, and they did not complain. They were called righteous, and they considered themselves the “most sinful of all in the world.” Years has silvered their heads and they did not lose hope. A humble heart – a gift to the Lord, and He sets out to humble with the gift, “Anna! Thy prayer is heard!… You have a daughter” – heralded the good news of the angel. Great joy. And then – pospieszalscy gratitude to God: the promise to devote his daughter! What an amazing, what an humble and a meek mother’s heart. The virgin mother inherited it from her mother, and never, even when by human standards, was impossible to endure and live, – the generous parental inheritance. And why do we so rarely pray righteous parents of the Holy virgin? Why not vsystem their rich experience of family life? Why do not cry in front of their Holy icon, do not ask for admonition and help? They know that in his righteousness to us are the samples of gold that we so crave, and of which the afternoon with fire you are looking for in modern textbooks on pedagogy and lectures on family and marriage.

The Nativity of the blessed virgin ray of grace dawned on sinful earth. The world fell silent in anticipation of Salvation. Time will pass and little feet of the virgin Mary easily and smartly overcome the high steps of the temple in Jerusalem. Until that happy parents bent over dear Chad. Fifty years they have begged the child. … But we quickly get tired of prayer, we need to immediately, we have now, we need quickly. Not given fast – means to no avail, as you can hurt his forehead on the Church decks, how many candles to Teplice how many silver plague. Zapoloshnye hurrying, faith, impatient, touchy, – any of the Lord’s gifts are waiting for us, on what bounties I hope?

The mother of our God now celebrates Their Christmas. The feast of this most pure and wakes our calloused souls from their slumber and lack of faith. It’s Christmas… Today is a bright day the bright glory of the Mother of Light. Honor Her with songs, honor the Christmas troparion, we will honor our unworthy prayer. If only the heart is not absorbed the first breath, still careful of the autumn storm.

The Nativity of the blessed virgin – not a long event, and the miracle of eternity

Swmmc. Sergius Mechev

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit.

A few days ago we by the grace of God came into the Church year, and now celebrate the first great feast of the liturgical annual round – the Nativity of the blessed virgin.

In order to understand the meaning of this holiday, and together with it and other festivals of the Church, we need first of all to remember that Church life is a mystery, incomprehensible to those outside the Church.

It is not accidental that the most important thing in life the Holy Church is the centre through which we become partakers of the grace of God that we call SACRAMENTS.

We, his created mind could not comprehend this mystery of the Church. But the Lord in His mercy gradually reveals it to those who live in the Sacraments, who crouches to this source of grace and drink of his living water.

In Church life there are many secrets, but one of them is constantly being revealed to believers. We enter into communion with her, not only when we receive gifts of grace through the Sacraments, but every time I’m in the temple and participate in worship.

However, for many of us, believers, this mystery remains hidden. To really get in touch with her, we need to be simple listeners and viewers of what is done in the temple, but to enter into the experience of those who were the creators of worship, and embodied it in their prayers and hymns, beginning with Apostolic times, through the martyrs STS and ending with the ascetics of our time.

The creators of worship, in full agreement with all the fathers and doctors of the Church tell us that man is created for Eternal life that the true element in which alone can live his soul is eternity.

When we entombed our dead and pray for the repose of their souls, we pray that the Lord hath made their memory to be eternal. But this prayer can apply to us living on earth, because we need that the Lord had us in His Eternal Memory: the goal of our lives is the introduction to eternity. So the best and most valuable wish is the wish of the Church of eternal memory.

And we always forget about it. Burdened by the cares of this life, and marred by the temporary circumstances of our lives, we forget about what we created, we forget about eternity, in which lives only that made by the Lord is VIRTUE.

Everything else is swept aside and thrown into the fire and into outer darkness. It seems to us that it exists, and in fact, says one father: “In the beginning was not evil, because it is not in his saints, and to them it does not exist”(1).

Indeed, there is only life in God and that is on the path of acquiring the Kingdom of God in us.

The Holy fathers tell us that man is created in the image and likeness of God, that he is the crown of nature and king of all visible things, however, satanic the grace of God. They teach that in his body man is connected with the entire earthly creature, because the body is God made, vzem dust from the ground (Gen. 2,7), and his soul he is connected with the Heavenly angelic world. A man stands on the edge of two worlds – earthly and Heavenly. “In its creation, says St. Gregory the Theologian, – the artistic word creates a living creature, which is given in the unity of the invisible and visible nature; creates, created already substance taking body of Yourself and investing life, delivers to the earth another angel, from different natures composed of the fan, the viewer of the visible creature, the creature tainica masonically”(2).

But created in the image of God, and exalted by the Lord at the edge of two worlds, the man did not fulfill his destiny: he has sinned, fallen away from God, and through him, and the whole visible world, the crown of which he is, began to depart from the Lord. Then the land was God’s Son, Who by His death has abolished death and by His Resurrection opened the way to Eternal life. He has given us and eternal memory, and not just us – believe in Him, but all visible creatures.

Therefore, the task of man is to, cleansing from sin my soul, to elevate and spiritualize and also the substance from which created his body, making it a worthy abode of the immortal soul. The Holy fathers say that in the last day resurrection will stand before the Lord not only our souls, but together with them and our resurrected body. And in this earthly life, in his ascent to God, man can only go through that specified to him by the Lord, putting it on the edge of two worlds. Only in dealing with these two worlds and along with them, can any man here on earth, to serve God. This is what we constantly reminded by the Holy Church in its worship.

Recently we have made a new year’s service. We brought in this day, praise the Lord, not only from themselves but also from all over the world, both seen and unseen, with whom we are connected to the body and soul.

This is clearly stated in Canon that day: the Whole business is Yours, God, heavens, earth, light and sea, water and all istochnic, the sun, the moon and the darkness, the stars, fire, chelovetsy and Scotty, with the angels praise Thee. (3)

Someone who believes that these words are true, and that in worship we truly connect with both worlds, he understands what great mystery lies in the Orthodox Liturgy.

This mystery is not only that there is destroyed the line between man and all creatures – in heaven and on earth, the face that we so clearly feel, living in this privremenom the world, but also in the fact that through worship we are dealing with and the time boundaries of the current nature and enter the world of eternity. Therefore, in the Liturgy there is nothing temporary, but lives in eternity.

Usually the meaning of the celebration of an event from the life of Jesus Christ or of the Mother of God we see is to go to the temple to listen to the gospel and hymns, telling about the events that occurred once a long time ago, to remember these events. So can we refer to today’s holiday, the Church tradition tells us that about 2000 years ago the virgin was born in the Galilean town of Nazareth from elderly parents, the righteous Joachim and Anna. It tells us that the birth of the virgin Mary loosed their neplatite and brought them great joy. Tell us about it chants today, and, apparently, the whole point of the holiday is to remember about these events.

But if we turn to the text themselves chants and try to grasp the meaning of what they say their creators, then make sure that is related to the holiday is peculiar only to the people of the outside, not understanding the mysteries of Church life. In fact, the hymns of the feast speak quite different. In the stichera of Vespers today we heard: Today the barren gates and the lips are opened the door of the divine maiden pregrade… this day of universal joy Pravosudiye, today waswasa Vetri, save provozvestnika, of our nature allowed infertility, and finally: Today the barren Anna creates Bolotbekovich (4). What is this day? (dnes allowed infertility, this day Anna bringeth forth Bolotbekovich). Is it only the techniques of imaginative, poetic speech or in these words is some other meaning?

If you argue from the point of view of the wisdom of this world, then the statement of the real meaning of these words is crazy. After all, this occurred once a long time ago. But for those who would be wise spiritual (see ROM. 8, 5), all that made who for us men and for our salvation not only occurred in time, but eternity resides.

So when we hear today that today the Pure virgin, from Anna’s happening (5) , we open the gates of eternity.

The Liturgy today tells us that the birth of the blessed virgin was a joy not only for Her parents and relatives who lived in Nazareth, but was the world happy that it has solved the infertility is not only Holy and righteous Joachim and Anna, but it is of our nature allowed infertility and birth life-giving fruit of the world (6).

Worship reveals to us that the Nativity was important not only lived in those days in Nazareth, but made for us men and for our salvation, with the birth of Her life is born this day a bridge (7) , misleading us into eternity.

Praise the Lord, we have every thanksgiving we end with the words: now and ever and unto the ages of ages. With these words the Holy Church tells us that Liturgy, which we do now, will be and ever and unto the ages of ages, because even now it takes place in eternity, and introduces us to Eternal life.

This is the great mystery of worship that opens us to the Holy Church.

Subtract from worship its hidden meaning, a prisoner in words now and ever and unto the ages of ages, and for us it will close the current in him the source of Eternal life, you will forever remain detached from what was left in the irretrievable past, for no man may be present at birth his mother or his father. But we know that the best of our ascetics, those who were the architects of the liturgical chants and canons, drank from this source of Eternal life. They are the experience know that worship opens us to the knowledge of eternity.

And for us sinners, the most important thing (and this should be remembered always) is to touch that source of knowledge, which is revealed to us through the mystery of worship.

And yet you are here on earth, with faith, reverence and fear of God think of all that you see and hear in the temple – all that is done, sung, recited during the Liturgy.

And when we now again included in the annual circle of worship, we remember WHO we are and WHAT CALLED.

And as the occurrence in it of we will open the great mystery of eternity.

The Holy Church believes that we are not alone performed the divine service, pray with us and praise the Lord of the Angelic Powers and all the Heavenly Church. Now the powers of Heaven serve invisibly with us, – we celebrate lent for the Presanctified liturgies.

And not only in these great days, but all the days of the Church year, at every Liturgy, before the small entrance, the priest prays: Make an entrance with our entrance the Holy angels alone, concelebrating with us and slavoslovyaschie Your goodness. It is from here, from this sopresetta and concelebration with us have already reached the eternity and live the eternal life in the Lord of the angels and saints, is born in us the desire to eternity.

Therefore, during the divine Liturgy, the priest after taking the Lord thanksgiving service for all saints and especially for our most Holy, most pure, most Glorious Preblahoslovenna our sovereign lady the Theotokos and ever-virgin Mary commemorates the living and departed and prays that the Lord remembered them in His Kingdom, that is, to introduce them to His Eternal Memory, which is the Kingdom of God.

From this we should be clear that we have accomplished here on earth, worship is nothing like the consistent unfolding in time of the mystery of eternity. And for each of us, believers, it is the way that leadeth us to eternal life.

Therefore, the feast days represent, not a random collection of memorable days, but shining in our temporal world point of eternity, the passage through which obeys unchanging spiritual order. These points follow each other in sequence, they are connected to each other, like rungs of a single ladder of spiritual ascent, so that, standing on one of them, we see the light which illumines us with another degree. And today – reading of the Canon is accompanied by the singing of vozdvizhenskoye of confusion Cross inscribed Moses. It would seem that it is not relevant to today, but in fact it is not. She tells us of the inseparable spiritual connection following each other religious holidays.

It is the light of the exaltation that illuminates us from afar, so today we begin to enter into it.

The mystery of worship is the greatest of mysteries of the Church. We ourselves can’t comprehend it. But we know that it was opened by the great and the greatest of the saints of God. Therefore, entering into their experience through the prayers and chants, which they captured, asking for their help and prayers for us sinners, and we can gradually start to touch this great mystery.

And as it will be in us to be born and to grow the elements of eternity, we are different than now, we refer to our temporal life. We understand then that it is only the path leading us from the earthly to the heavenly, from the temporal to the eternal.

And then, departing from this life, we may be sodomise Eternal Kingdom prepared by the Lord for those who are already here on earth, began to enter into His Eternal Memory, which is greatest achievement for a person coming from the earthly to the heavenly.

(1) Saint Athanasius The Great. Word to the Gentiles, 2 // of Creation. Part 1. P. 127.
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(† 1941)

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