Thousands of refugees who have migrated from the Middle East to Western Europe, found shelter for a peaceful life, but are they protected from religious persecution, speaking of Christ among their own? Religious freedom has allowed the Syrian pastor to publicly preach the gospel among the refugees, but the life of his family is still under threat.

About this confirms the story of a Syrian preacher who had fled from the threats of ISIS. In the sanctuary the so-called “Christian” Europe, he once again faced with a deadly threat. Said Ziad knew that in their own country for preaching the gospel among Muslims it could be executed, or at best thrown in jail. Before the start of the Syrian civil war, he headed a small Church, shared about their Christian faith.

ISIS and other militant groups have made Christians a target for attacks. Said first fled to Russia, but disappointed by the inaction of the officials, the Syrian pastor left the country. He was in the Arctic circle in Norway, in the town of Finnsnes. Saeed and his wife Rana came here because I thought that in Northern Europe they will be safe because of democracy and freedom of religion. Sayid actively preached Christ in the social networks and compared the biblical doctrine with the doctrine of the Koran. The Syrian experience prompted the pastor to warn Norwegians about the dangers of militant Islam. In the opinion of the preacher, angered some Muslims inside or outside Norway. As a result, they began to threaten his family with death directly on his page in Facebook. They claimed that are very close and warned that jihadists living in their immigrant complex and can easily kill him if he did not stop to publish his thoughts and beliefs on the Internet. Syrian preacher was forced to turn for help to the captain of the local police.

“We treated it seriously and try to help the pastor with all that is in our power. If someone tries to hurt him, Sayid will be able to use a tracking device with GPS. We know where he is and quickly will be able to respond to the challenge,” says Steingrim Ovesen, police captain Finnsnes.

Despite the threat of Saeed with his wife continue to speak about Christ among immigrants. “Europe needs today in Jesus Christ. Many Norwegians moved away from God. But I believe that they will return to Him and will not allow other cultures and religions destroyed this great society that was built on biblical Christian principles of peace, love, mercy, forgiveness and human rights,” he said.

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