In China made a splash online beauty contest with local girls. Many of the participants of such contests are turning to plastic surgery and expensive make-up to improve your chances. But one Taiwanese photographer-Christian through the Bible trying to show them that natural beauty comes from God.

To make the appropriate makeup, choose a beautiful shoes — all the necessary preparations in everyday life rising Internet star Cindy. Internet users of China are familiar with it. Every day she spent hours talking with fans online, telling them about themselves, singing their Chinese songs. She likes to be the center of attention.

“Many adults love talking with me. At first glance, these conversations may seem empty, but sometimes they are quite interesting and informative. I like such attention and interest,” says the star of the Chinese Internet beauty contest Cindy.

Some Chinese girls I agree with Cindy.

“You must understand that today is an important visual appeal. If you have a beautiful face, it is easier for you to earn a living, you always take, especially in a virtual world” — says one of the Beijing girls.

This trend of trying to adapt the young mothers.

“It is difficult for us to compete with younger. When you’re married, it’s hard to be attractive. We have more responsibilities in the family. I think some do not understand the feelings of mothers,” says another girl from Beijing.

The driving force behind this trend in China became an Internet beauty contests. But some Chinese Christians resist this idea. And others by art do you want to convey a different message to young people. And it has a huge impact.

Feng Jun LAN is a Taiwanese pastor. In addition to serving in his Church, he enjoys photography.

“I prefer natural light for photos. For example, I take in his Church — in the room with the Windows. The lighting there is perfect. The pictures come out great,” he says.

Photographing people, Feng notices the uniqueness of each person.

“In the Bible about the followers of Christ said that they are the clay and Jesus is the Potter. Considering each image, I found that the faces of the people remind you of certain characters of the Bible. This similarity reflects God’s work,” says Feng Jun LAN.

Pastor Feng began to invite members of the Church and non-Christian friends to the exhibition of their works. However, he tells them Bible stories each.

“Let them know how amazing our God is. He created us beautiful. Each of us is unique and special. Our eyes, nose, body, are His work. We in any case must not be changed,” says Feng Jun LAN.

Ultimately Feng opened his own gallery where he exhibits photographs inspired by God.

“Not all people are willing to go to Church and seek God. However, they like to visit cultural events. I tell them that I was inspired by a particular picture. And God sometimes performs miracles for His children,” he says.

Visitors will experience the shock of photos and source of inspiration for their creation. As a follower of Christ, Feng Jun LAN is always striving to serve the Lord. It competes with the secular photographers to present their art and tell the whole world about how God changes a person’s life.

“When people love to talk about God, nobody can stop,” says Feng Jun DOE and continues to serve God and people photography.

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