The pastor of the Manmin Church Jay Rock Lee sentenced to 15 years for rape

The South Korean mega-Church pastor Jay Rock Lee sentenced to 15 years in prison for rape of eight parishioners, committed allegedly by the will of God, writes

Newspaper the Korea Times reported that on 22 November, 75-year-old pastor of the Manmin Church declared guilty of using his position and authority to coerce the victims into sexual relations with him, persuading them that it is “a commandment from God.”

The Central Seoul Court found that Lee declared himself a Saint, and his followers were too afraid of disobedience.

“The victim attended Church from a young age and treated the pastor as a Holy man, believing that obedience to him would open the way to Heaven. For this reason, they obeyed him, and he would come in and repeatedly raping them for a long time,” concluded the court.

Jay Rock Lee, claiming about 130 thousands of followers of the Church, was arrested in may on rape charges from eight women, indicating about 40 cases of crime.

The accused insisted that the victim intentionally defame his good name.

The court rejected this argument, noting that “they did not make sense to falsely accuse him, because this disclosure has led to public attention and shame.”

“Pastor considered themselves Holy. The victim believed him, and believed sexual acts with him by God’s will,” concluded the court.

One of the victims earlier testified the local press that Jay Rock Lee called the women to his home and forced them to have sex with him.

“I couldn’t say no to him,” says the woman.

“He was not just a king for us. He was a God,” she added, noting that he had visited the Church since childhood.

In April of this year, the Church “Manmin” defended their pastor, saying that such “false rumors” spread the envy.

The Church claimed that Jay Rock Lee has long “emphasized the importance of sexual ethics.”

After the decision of the court of 22 November, the Church announced that it intends to appeal, insisting that the court did not take into consideration its material that is claimed to refute the claims of victims.

The Church claimed that its growth and spread worldwide since 1982 is due to God’s blessings.

“Church “Manmin” experienced such a stunning and rapid growth for 30 years due to the fact that, among the abundant blessings of God, it has always been a place of life the letters of Reverend Dr. Jae-Rock Lee, miraculous manifestations of the Holy spirit and constant prayer of its members”, — stated on the web site of the Church.

Source: Messianic portal

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