The permanent exhibition of icon painting restored in Yekaterinburg


The permanent exhibition of icon painting recovered in Ekaterinburg Museum of fine arts. It presents the best samples of Nevyansk school, TV channel “Culture”.

Large iconic center was formed in the Urals in the XVII century, after the Church split, when it ran many believers. The wizard has created a new distinctive style, which combines the best traditions of the various artistic schools in Russia. Eight years ago, the permanent exhibition of the Museum were closed, the halls were waiting for repair. After the installation of special climate control equipment in the renovated gallery to the public appeared in 55 samples of Nevyansk school.

“Now we are not afraid to put our things. In this room we see a selection of actually best works of Nevyansk school,” – said the Director of the Ekaterinburg Museum of fine arts Nikita Korytin.

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