The persecution of the Church in the middle East encourages Christians to unity

Recently, the Church in the middle East is going through dark days. However, there are people who believe that the lives of believers today are a reflection of the lives of the heroes of faith of the past. And all this is happening in the cradle of Christianity.

Throughout the Middle East Christians and the Church will experience persecution, but they are optimistic.

“I see that the Church stands… And stands firmly in spite of difficulties, problems and persecution,” shares Yvette Isaac, Director General of the organization “Road of success”.

A native of Egypt, Ivet Isaac, believes that this is because they continue to bear the testimony of the early believers.

“I believe that every day is a new page of the book of Acts,” she says.

Isaac wants the Church in the West know what’s going on here.

“Here are the brothers and sisters of Christians. If not for them, we wouldn’t hear about Christianity in the West. Thanks to the Church in the middle East, Christianity has spread around the world,” she says.

However, Ivet says that the pressure on Christians was incredible: “where it all began, and why the enemy wants to destroy us. The enemy wants to cleanse the middle East of Christianity. He makes an effort, and we see how he puts pressure on people,” assured Isaac.

Ivet is a TV show in the middle East and believes that Christian media can help Christians.

“The Church must know the truth. Christian media needs to show the world these stories. If you rely only on secular media, the world will hear only them. The coverage of this issue is very important. That’s why we have a large number of video interviews with survivors of Christians who tell their stories,” says Evet.

One of her stories is dedicated to the Christians affected by ISIS.

“We go to Iraq and Syria. We’re trying to help girls who escaped from captivity. Christians from Syria and Iraq are not inclined much to say. Probably, it’s fear. But when we arrive, they open up and tell their stories. And with their permission, we share their stories with the world,” says the woman.

Ivet, tells the story of an Orthodox priest and the Evangelical pastor, “the priest told me that when they had no water and only a few drops, he said, “I will share this water with the Evangelical pastor, because I know that if we both survive this, we will be stronger together. If I survive and he dies, then I’ll get weaker”.

Ywat hopes that every part of the body of Christ to do its work.

“What I intended? To Serve The West. The Western Church must understand the importance of the existence of Christians in the middle East at this time,” muses aloud, Ivet.

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