The pilot saved the lives of 148 passengers from obedience to the Holy Spirit

When last month a strong earthquake has hit Indonesia, one plane miraculously managed to fly right in front of him. Indonesian pilot claims that his relationship with God helped him to hear the divine guidance that saved him and 148 passengers. This is an amazing testimony!

Pilot Rikoset Marella, a faithful Christian, and during his flight humming to himself a song of worship. But last month, a few minutes before the earthquake and tsunami hit in Indonesia, he felt the urge to sing out loud.

“It felt like God said “Hey, just praise Me and worship Me,” says the pilot of the plane captain Rikoset Marella.

Captain Marella says that she noticed nothing unusual when he got close that day to Pala, but a strong wind forced him to make a circle before landing. It delayed its landing for 9 minutes. After that, the passengers came out, and Marella began to prepare for the next flight. Then he heard the voice again: “Get out of here. Fly away as soon as possible!”

Captain Marella could not understand whether it was his imagination or something else. In spite of everything, he listened to these words and took off three minutes earlier than planned. This decision literally saved him and 148 passengers.

“The earthquake started in the area Donggala at 17:55. I took off at 17:52. Soon the wave of the earthquake reached Palu. Seven and seven points. And this immediately after my take-off,” says Mapella.

Those three minutes played a crucial role. After the plane captain Matelli soared, that control tower is beginning to crumble from the tremors. The air traffic controller to Antonius Agung had to jump from the fourth floor. He behaved like a hero. Unfortunately, he died from his injuries. At the time Marella captain and his passengers had no idea that was happening. Later, the pilot realized that he had shot on a mobile phone how waves turn into a tsunami that hit Central Sulawesi.

“Then on the runway went crack. The largest of these were up to two and a half meters deep. And all this happened right after I took off,” continued the captain.

Captain Marella glad that I obeyed the voice.

“God, thank You so much! God reveals all. If you are late for a second or two – it can turn into a catastrophe. I don’t need to prove that God is alive. I don’t need to prove that God is with us. I saw it myself. This is more than enough,” says the man.

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