According to some, the 52nd super bowl is the most important sporting event of the year. Two teams fight for possession of the Lombardi trophy, the most valuable prize in American football. Learn from this report what they think the players and coaches before the big game.

Welcome to the stadium “U. S. Bank” in Minneapolis, where the CBN will attend the 52nd match of the Superbowl “Philadelphia eagles” vs Tom Brady “new England Patriots” — a rematch, to which they were 13 years old. We mean the 39th super bowl. So, this Sunday, the eagles hope to win the super bowl for the first time in history. At the same time “Patriots” are just trying to add another ring to his collection.
So as you can imagine, the players are under tremendous pressure, and although the win is important to them, some of them say that they are playing for something bigger than the championship in Superbowl.

“The Philadelphia eagles” may have been the best team in the NFL all season long, and Malcolm Jenkins says this is largely due to the fact the brotherhood of believers, which he and many of his teammates formed in the offseason. Together they studied the Bible, prayed and even been baptized.

“I myself saw at least three boys were baptized in the pool of the team. I don’t think it happens somewhere else. This is another proof of how faith is important to a lot of guys on this team. We often communicate with each other, talking about faith, praying together. Such phenomena can be observed in our locker room, which is unique to the NFL,” says Malcolm Jenkins from “the Philadelphia eagles”.

Tight end Zach ERTS agrees with Malcolm and says he is personally reaping the benefits of the atmosphere of belief in the locker room.

“I have dedicated my life to Christ in March. I, too, was baptized in March. And the next day got married. Our marriage is built on this basis — the Word of God and Jesus, and it changed my life. For me was very useful that every day I can be accountable to these guys. I hope I’m as helpful to them,” says Zach ERTS, “the Philadelphia eagles”.

“We as a team are strong in the faith. Let it be said that we are outsiders, but we consider ourselves blessed,” says will Beatty, “the Philadelphia eagles”.

Carson Wentz broke a bunch at the 14th week, and then began to doubt whether defender Nick falls to bring the team to the championship. Now they are playing in their first Superbowl for 13 years, and he says that all this is because of the faithfulness of God.

“For me, faith in the Lord is all — said Nick falls, “the Philadelphia eagles”. — I am a believer in Jesus Christ. It is important to me. I couldn’t play without It. I have no strength to come out here and do it. This is all happening supernaturally. And this is an opportunity for me to share with others what Jesus has done in my life. And I’m not even talking about prosperity. In fact, He humbled me. His strength is made perfect in my weakness Second Corinthians 12:9. The more I humble themselves before the Lord, the better developed my relationship with Christ.”

“New England Patriots” won two Championships over the past three seasons. And now they’re back to try again. For many players this is another opportunity to glorify the name of the Lord on the biggest football stage.

“I firmly believe that I was given the opportunity to play football, to build relationships, to build bridges, to communicate with people and show them the love of Christ. And it’s something I enjoy doing from the very first day in this team. It brings me joy,” says Matthew Slater, “new England Patriots”.

“Of course, I have my UPS and downs. Honestly, I am a weak person, I have my faults, but God is always faithful. The Lord will see me through. I’m so grateful for Jesus Christ and for what He has done in my life”, says Nate Solder, “new England Patriots”.

The protection of the “Patriots” had a lot of work this season. Veterans team Duron Harman and Devin Maccarty say that in difficult times, they primarily rely on their faith to concentrate and focus.

“In this way always there are UPS and downs, but one thing remains constant is God’s love for me, His mercy. The Lord constantly shows His grace. I know that He has something more for me than football. I have to stick to the right course, to continue to serve Him and everything else will fall into place,” says Duron Harman, “new England Patriots”.

“Interestingly, this year we talked a lot about God’s joy. Often happen in football as the UPS and downs. You seem to constantly ride the roller coaster. Even today, before we came here, we talked about how important it is to appreciate that what we are here today, enjoying this process and can just be themselves. We are not afraid to stand out on someone’s background by talking about how blessed we are to have the opportunity to be here,” says Devin Maccarty, “new England Patriots”.

Tight end Dwayne Allen (“new England Patriots”) knows that he wouldn’t be here if not for his relationship with Jesus Christ: “I remember January 8, 2014, when in his bedroom, experienced unforgettable moments, dedicating your life to Christ. I said, “I can’t live alone. I tried the last 23 years, but I can’t. I need you”. And then He came into my life and changed it for the better. To make such a step of faith, to devote his life to the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is not so easy. However, life is not supposed to be easy. But be of good cheer, He has conquered all. This is my faith!” he says.

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