The players are Christians of the Russian team are thankful to God for the victory

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As they say, “in the trenches there are no atheists”, which means that in difficult situations people tend to seek the assistance of a higher power. And those who believe in God, then don’t forget to thank Him. Evidence of this faith became public during the world Cup 2018.

Words top scorer of the national team of Russia Denis Cheryshev “All glory to You, o Lord,” went around the whole country. “Thank God, what happened to score,” shared Denis in an interview. “Faith in God is the most important thing that can be in our lives,” he says.

Alexander Samedov, Russia midfielder, is also a Christian. In the Evangelical Church Alexander brought his wife, Julia, when young people met. So the athlete is born in the family of a Muslim who became a Christian. A Handbook Samedov, according to his confession in an interview, now is the Bible.

Mario Fernandez is also a believer. He moved to Russia in 2017, and after that his life changed dramatically. He became interested in the faith, began to lead a sober lifestyle and to attend Church.

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