The players attacked the officer: what was that?

8 Oct players, former players of the national team of Russia Alexander Kokorin (“Zenith”) and Pavel Mamayev (“Krasnodar”) beat cafe official Minpromtorga Denis Pack, reprimanded them. Police have opened a criminal case under article “Beating” and detained the players. In 2016, immediately after the departure of the Russian national team European championship, they “celebrated” at a nightclub in Monaco with expensive champagne and the national anthem.

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Their public activity has already outweighed achievements in football

Alexei Durnovo, sports commentator:

Alexei Durnovo

– Unfortunately, not all over are given the gift to be able to behave. Stories with these players
a lot. At the European Championships in 2016 Mamaev played the last match against Wales with
a black eye, and nobody knew where he came from. According to the official version, he fell off

In General, Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin – two extremely talented football player, but they just don’t know how to behave, and therefore violate the rules of the road, now beat officer and perhaps not only him. And end it there.

This time, everything seems very serious, and certainly it will apply any serious sanctions – at least at the level of their clubs accurately.

Actually this is a rather sad story about how these players are foolish enough to ruin their football talents. Unfortunately, I think that this could be the finale of the careers of two notable Russian players. Kokorin for two years could not score a goal, then suddenly he begins the period when the business is booming. And Mamayev last season was terrible.

Top a couple of times caused it to friendlies, but the world Cup did not take. Generally Mamaev debuted in the championship of Russia for “torpedo” in 2005 when he was 16. And when coach of “torpedo” was asked, why save the situation in the match against “Spartak” he released the child, he replied that in fact this child is very talented and has a great future. But now both part of the national team of Russia, although still quite noticeable players. Another thing is that their public activity has already outweighed achievements in football.

The whole story I would not at all tied to Russia and Russian football. At every championship, in every country, every club has its own “enfant terrible” and, conversely, its own heroes.

Many remember an Italian player Mario Balotelli is a very vivid example of a talented player who is not friends with his head. And in France, and in England there are infamous players who behave badly and are famous for it. Not all Russian players are like that. We have real heroes – Golovin, Zobnin, Cheryshev, Akinfeev.

Last time Kokorin and Mamaev noted for its innocent, in my opinion, going to a club in Monaco, but then it was superimposed on the defeat of the Russian team at the European Championships. People felt resentment and humiliation, collected petitions for the dissolution of the all Russian national team. That is, if the conflict directly “pulled”. Now the story itself is much more blatant, but after the world Cup, where we showed a decent game, the degree of patience of people is much higher, and everybody understands that the Russian football is different and he is not alone Kokorin and Mamaev.

People who from year to year repeat the same mistakes

Michael Schatz, broadcaster

Michael Schatz

– First, I would like to understand the situation. Received new information that Kokorin and Mamaev not only beat the people in the cafe, have information about the incident in the Parking lot, and if it is confirmed, it is generally radically changes the situation.

What happened in the café, can be interpreted in different ways. We don’t know what happened until we saw on the video that said the officer that told you guys. In fact, for certain we know nothing. We only see the culmination moment.

In football, if different people: there are those who live in hard modes – they just do not allow themselves too much, they neither program does not allow. And there are those people who allow themselves too much. What does it depend? From how they were raised, how they were raised? From how they mentally and physically suffer severe physical activity?

It’s actually kind of a personal story. Kokorin and Mamaev played well. They recently played in one match, showed good football. And here they the weekend. We certainly understand that during the weekend it is possible in different ways to lead: you can drink, but in public space you have to follow certain rules, and they are the same for all. No matter the football player or not. Don’t hang on Russian football, it is so very much just hangs. People are psychologically comfortable to hang labels on some phenomenon. Labeled – kind of sorted it out, no need to climb into.

Again, in the Russian football there are different people. Yes, here is the tip that gets into some unpleasant situations, visible to all. People who from year to year repeat the same mistakes. Two years ago, in my opinion, there was inadequate response to their party in Monaco. I believe that if they are generally framed in a certain way. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I see that this is part of the universal game: the players drink, break the regime and fight, then journalists pick up, react, circulate some stamped text: “let’s clear the football…”. Now it all starts.

Hardly anyone would argue in the way that what happened to these guys is, in a sense, their personal response to the constant exhausting training. We know that Kokorin was sitting six months with a serious cruciate ligament injury, which he received in March. He worked, worked, worked on the restoration and very well restored. Finally began to play, one goal scored, the second, and then to his friend for the weekend arrived. So all matched a tragic way. Sometimes, before you condemn the man, at least a little to try to understand why someone “breaks the tower.”

Recorded Olga Lunina

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