The Pochayiv Lavra debunked fake media about the bribery of deputies FR

Pochayiv Lavra

Hieromonk Nicodemus commented on the scandalous video in which he allegedly tried to pay MP for a vote on the allocation of monastery land.

In the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra called a lie and a provocation fake video in which monk of the monastery hieromonk Nicodemus allegedly offered € 500 to one of the deputies of the city Council for the allocation of a monastery of three land plots with a total area of 2.5 hectares.

“This is a bad fake, said SPM hieromonk Nicodemus. Anyone can confirm that this is not my voice, and I say in Ukrainian. The last year I’ve not stepped foot on the threshold of the city Council and as a monk beyond the monastery, do not go out, except in the Holy spirit monastery”.

According to the monk, the video was fabricated specially to excite the public and members of the city Council session, and that the MPs did not support the decision to transfer the Lavra to the permanent use of land for emergency services fraternal buildings Nos. 16, 17, 18.

“Not once was the pressure from the representatives of VO “Svoboda” – said hieromonk Nicodemus. Once arrived, one of the deputies of the regional Council and one of the previous sessions of the Council said that if questions about the transfer of land will again be put to the session, they arrive with weapons.”

Fake video released by the deputies of the city of Pochaiv and Ternopil regional Council from IN “Freedom” at a press conference on 19 November, on the eve of session of the city Council of Pochaev. Later in the session, the deputies refused to allocate land to Pochaev Lavra. The meeting was held with the active participation of representatives of “Freedom” and “Right sector”.

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