The police opened a criminal case about the burning of the temple at Ganina Yama

Photo: EMERCOM of Russia in Sverdlovsk region

The police opened a criminal case against a young man who is suspected in the arson of one of the temples in the monastery of the Holy Royal Martyrs in the Ganina Yama tract in the Sverdlovsk region. TASS Monday the head reported a press-service GU MVD of Russia in Sverdlovsk region Valery Burnt.

On the night of 4 October in the Church of Holy Royal Martyrs at Ganina Yama there was a fire. At the time of the fire people was not in Church, no one was hurt. According to the press service of the Yekaterinburg diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, the fire damaged the roof and interior – part of the iconostasis, and the small dome of the temple. On 5 October the police detained a suspect in the burning of the temple, he was a native of Yekaterinburg 1998 year of birth, previously convicted for theft.

“The investigative division of the police Department of the city of Verkhnyaya Pyshma in respect of a detained suspect, a local resident, previously convicted for theft, criminal case as regards 2 articles 167 of the criminal code of Russian Federation “Deliberate damage of another’s property”. This article provides for up to five years of correctional labor, or imprisonment for the same term,” – said Gorelykh.

He also noted that the material damage caused to the diocese of Yekaterinburg, is of the order of 10 million roubles.

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