The Polish Church urged not to hurry with the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, in order not to deepen the rift


The Polish Orthodox Church reiterated its position expressed at the Council of bishops on 9 may 2018, according to patriarhiei.

For granting autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church requires the consent of all the local Churches, and a hasty decision could deepen the rift, warned the Polish Orthodox Church. This is stated in the letter from the Secretary of the Chancellery of the Polish Orthodox Church by Jerzy Doroshkevich, received by RBC in response to the request to Express their attitude to the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. It is reported by the outreach Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Citing excerpts from the minutes of the meetings of the Council of bishops of the Polish Orthodox Church from may 9, 2018 Jerzy Doroshkevich writes that “autocephaly provides the Mother Church only after consultation with the primates of all the local Churches”, and hasty actions can deepen the split in Ukraine. “Currently, in Ukraine there is a situation, which should take care of all Local Orthodox Churches,” — said in the letter.

The representative of the Polish Church also reported that “in Ukraine there are several schismatic churches that need to repent and return to the canons of the Orthodox Church. Only then will the discussion on the granting of autocephaly”.

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